1&1 IONOS Review

Alyx Cherry

If you are looking for feature-rich web hosting services at a reasonable cost, you should have a look at 1&1 Ionos. 1&1 Ionos provides a wide range of plans and packages for shared, virtual private servers, WordPress, and dedicated hosting. None the less, 1&1 Ionos cloud hosting packages and shared hosting packages caters for both small business and large corporates.  

The question we need to answer is, are 1&1 IONOS any good when it comes to web hosting?

User-friendly website featuresNot enough storage
Good uptimeNo reseller hosting plans
Packages from basic to advanced
Linux or Windows-based servers
Easy for beginners

1&1 Ionos Shared Hosting

1 & 1 Ionos provides one of the best shared web hosting services, and that’s an accolade in itself as shared web hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting currently available. Shared hosting provides you with split system resources for your website with other sites that have been set on the same server. Shared web hosting is a cheap option if you needed little resources. 1&1 Ionos offers shared web hosting that favours Linus or Windows.

1&1 Ionos provides a standard monthly web hosting plan, but it reduces the cost if you are willing to sign up for a monthly or annual package in comparison to providers such as GoDaddy which require you to sign up for a Deluxe plan starting at $7.99, an Ultimate plan starting at the cost of $12.99, or a Maximum plan of $19.99 which is pricey when choosing a month-by-month plan. 1&1 Ionos lets you choose a one-month plan at any package. This is great for people who want to start work at a reasonable price with basic web hosting options. 

The basic entry-level essential package starts at a cost of $4/month, including a free domain name with up to 10 GB storage, 10 email accounts, and databases and about 50 visitors on one site to handle per minute.

The next package starts at a cost of $10/month and gives unlimited websites, unlimited storage, and up to 50 email accounts. It has a great optimised value for 200 visitors/minute costing $1/month. However, these are all temporary prices. After one year of use, the essential package costing $4/month rises to $8 a month. The business plans move to $10/month after the following year while the expert plan which starts at $8/month hikes to $16 per month with the same unlimited websites, unlimited storage, and with optimisation of handling 500 site visitors per minute. 

Competitors like HostGator provide more shared web hosting plans and offer Linux and Windows servers with unlimited storage, emails, and monthly data, making it the better choice when looking at shared hosting plans.

VPS Web Hosting Plans

VPS web hosting is a powerful hosting choice that is a step up from shared hosting. With fair features, it is not cheap but isn’t too expensive either. 1&1 Ionos cloud-powered Virtual Private Server offers a pocket-friendly plan at $2 a month with 512 MB RAM, 10 GB SSD storage, and unlimited data transfer, providing you with the basic tools for innovating your site. 1&1 Ionos lets you choose between Linux or Windows-based servers that have a storage of 12 GB RAM and a data space of 240 GB storage with the VPS XXL package starting at $35/monthly.

1&1 Ionos provides a quality VPS web hosting plans but competitors such as Hostwinds comes out tops with its VPS web hosting packages offering unlimited storage and domain hosting.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud Hosting options with 1&1 Ionos offers multiple packages and plans that can be fitted with the Linux or Windows operating systems. The packages start at $0.0069/hour with a maximum charge of $5/month providing a single core CPU, 512 MB RAM, 30 GB SSD Storage, and unlimited monthly transfers. 1&1 Ionos lets you customise plans according to your choice. The maximum offering starts at a cost of $0.5/hourly for a 24 core CO, 48 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers. 

1&1 Ionos cloud hosting packages are very impressive. And if you are looking for an excellent enterprise-class cloud hosting service, then 1&1 Ionos is the way to go.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is a powerful hosting option compared to cloud hosting. It lets your site leverage the server’s full power with no system resource sharing. Serious site runners should consider dedicated hosting as a priority if they aren’t tight on a budget. 1&1 Ionos has four dedicated hosting plans A8i, L-16, XL-32, XL-6. The packages come up with hard disks or SSDs.

The A8i package starts at a cost of $45/month and raises to $65 after the following year, it is SSD based with 240 GB of storage and an unlimited monthly data transfers. The most expensive package of all four is the 4XL-192 NVMe starting at a cost of $320/monthly with 20 core Intel Xeon Gold 6210U CPU, 192 GB RAM, and 1000GB SSD, enabling you transfer data unlimitedly. The dedicated packages at 1&1 Ionos include Sitelock malware protection to ensure your privacy and RailGun Content Delivery Network for loading your pages rapidly.

If we compare these plans with AccuWeb that has great packages of Linux or Windows-based dedicated hosting servers, the most economical plan is the $11/month plan that includes 8 GB RAM, 1 TB storage, and 20 TB of data transfers monthly. The highest plan starts at $239.month with a baseline of 128 GB RAM, 8 TB storage, and unlimited data transfers monthly. 

As for AccuWeb’s Virtual Private Servers, the Windows based dedicated hosting package provides you with the authority to create 250 email accounts.

AccuWeb’s dedicated servers provide you with 512 GB memory, 12 TB storage, and 50 TB of monthly data shift. Therefore, in conclusion, AccuWeb Hosting plans are more beneficial.

1&1 Ionos promises a 30 day money back guarantee enabling you to work freely with greater room for exploration. It also gives individual support based on your needs. The personal consultant is a great feature to have when you are working for a website as there is no opportunity for confusion or errors to occur. This is a time-saving option.

The user-friendly web hosting service demands you to be an expert in your field. It gives comprehensive details of each feature on its website with supporting articles based on the frequently asked questions. A beginner with a tight budget and a business owner with expertise and a broad vision in mind  could both use 1&1 Ionos with full scope for customisation and scalability. 1&1 Ionos commits to benefit to host your data in an environmentally friendly way which reduces CO2 emissions in the environment.

WordPress Hosting with 1&1 Ionos

The world’s most popular, yet manageable system, WordPress has enough stretch to power a blog or a company’s website. 1&1 Ionos gives you two methods to have WordPress hosting set up on your server. You can install WordPress on a standard server or you are encouraged to sign up for managed WordPress. 1&1 Ionos gives you two choices to choose from, according to your feasibility. 

1&1 Ionos has three Linux based WordPress plans. The first is the essential plan starting at a cost of $3/month for the first year and around $4 monthly. The second plan is the Business package starting at a cost of $1 per month for the initial year and then $8 monthly and the third plan is the Pro package starting at a cost of $8 per month for the first year and then $16 monthly. These packages are greatly managed with a variety of choices.

1&1 Ionos gives you a rock-solid plan, but its competitors, A2 Hosting has a top package with an unlimited plan, starting at a cost of $36.98 a month, offering unlimited site hosting, and data transfers.

Reseller Hosting Plans

If you don’t wish to deal with infrastructure matters, reseller hosting is your option. However, 1&1 Ionos lacks reseller plans so you have to look for other options which do include this feature.

1&1 Ionos’ competitors, such as Hostwinds, has reseller hosting plans starting at $3.29 a month with unlimited data transfers and unlimited storage. It also provides  dedicated and virtual private server plans on Linus and Windows-based systems, giving you a variety as well as offering you shared hosting that is limited to Linux. Hostwinds lets you apply for your branding to the servers you want to rent providing you 24/7 tech support and storage amount.

Setting Up an Account with 1&1 Ionos

1&1 Ionos provides you with a subscription to 1&1 Ionos My website which lets you choose from Duda website builder. The Duda builder uses a standard layout with a toolbar on the left side. 

The most eminent marketing tool is email marketing, which attract more clients. 1&1 Ionos provides dedicated email marketing plans which provide you with an overview of  email traffic, address management, and distributes information at the starting cost of $17/month.

1&1 Ionos lets you sell products through its 1&1 Ionos e-commerce builder at a starting cost of $25 month. This gives you the choice of a variety of layouts and templates with drag and drop options.  However, there isn’t a lot of variety to stretch to. 1&1 Ionos gives you an option to enter your sales tax ID to display items with or without sales tax included in the total amount. It lets you add products, list delivery options like cash on delivery or payment via card and gives information on accepted payment types. This is a great way to keep track of the customer database.

With 1&1 Ionos’ many features, it provides great potential for improving your website. With a dozen applications to encounter, options like Amazon Deals, Square point of sale, etc are available only at the cost of $75/month.

Security on 1&1 Ionos

1&1 Ionos has a GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate that protects data and information exchanged between the user and your website free of cost with dedicated Shared Hosting and Developer eShop Plans. If you haven’t subscribed to any of these packages, you can buy GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate starting at a cost of $20 per year. This provides GeoTrust Business ID Extended Validation SSL Certificate at  $200 per year. The security features offered by 1&1 Ionos protect your website from hackers and unauthorised access with a free SSL WildCard and Site Scan from SiteLock. These features let you opt for a SiteLock Trust Seal display on your website, verifying visitors so that your website remains secure at all times.  


1&1 Ionos lets you store your projects online with a 99.9% uptime reliability. The geo0redundant infrastructure improves your hosting with uninterrupted service during outages and maintenance. Your data is mirrored between two data centres improving your time online. This cuts off your server-side security, helping your site to run fast. 1&1 Ionos prevents DDoS attacks, thus ensuring protection.

PHP & Code Accessibility

1&1 Ionos lets you keep your PHP outdated versions with PHP Extended Support. With a variety of versions (4.0, 5.2, 5.4, 5.,7, 7.2, and 7.1)  all of which are supported to save you hassle. 

1&1 Ionos’ Uptime Performance

Uptime is a real element in web hosting. If your website goes down, visitors will be unable to look for products that you have in store for them. This causes a reduction in  organic rankings and gives your site a negative impression as website visitors start searching for alternative sites, they might not come back. With an uptime performance speed test using a website monitoring tool to track the performance. the uptime results 1&1 Ionos gave were quite impressive. The stable uptime highlighted that 1&1 Ionos is a solid choice for your website.


1&1 Ionos give greater scope for innovation and creativity within a backup of up to 6 days of data that automatically stores information in a secure form. This enables you to recover any file that you want at any point, should it be deleted. 

DDoS & SSL Protection

1&1 Ionos safeguards your website from DDoS attacks and hackers and unauthorised actions. The SSL Certificate enables your projects to be encrypted by SSL protection

Customer Service from 1 and 1

1&1 Ionos encourages you to question anything unclear to you. As a hosting plan suitable for your website or a hosting-related query. 1&1 Ionos provides support 24/7 via email, telephone, or webchat. As an experiment, we signed up on 1&! Ionos to experience the customer support they promise to provide. We called to query the difference between Standard Web Hosting and the WordPress Hosting they provide. A  minute later, support answered our call and answered correctly, that WordPress Hosting lets you automatically update WordPress and install any plus in. 1&1 Ionou doesn’t provide you with support which you haven’t signed up on Ionos account, while many competitors providing web hosting services have open support via email or chat.

The personal consultant service 1&1 Ionos provides you with connects you to an agent who offers help in advising hosting tips and tricks. This is a great way to engage each client with answering their problems and providing them with the correct details. 

An example of this is how we learned about the use of 1&! Ionos web building software and how we can help our audience engage more with us by having our business appear on Google Maps. This handy service is great if you want to innovate more. Also, more companies should upgrade through the provision of personal consultants to answer client queries. 

After signing up to 1&1 Ionos web hosting service, it gives you the full authority of a 30-day money-back guarantee letting you cancel the service at any point you feel unsatisfied. This 30-day money back guarantee enables you to explore freely without any stress or limitations,  

1&1 IONOS Reviews from Customers

I bought an I&I Ionos domain about 18 months back and cancelled about six months ago, but they have taken 12 euros monthly since opening and about 24 euros a month even after cancelling. I have reached out to them but with no response. I am disappointed with this company. They are still taking money from me.

This is a greedy, unprofessional company who allow your account to be charged with options that you did not make. It provides you with services at the checkout and later charges you for them. I always made sure I go for add ons, but I started getting charged for services which I did not request. I reached out to the customer support from their numbers in Georgia asking them about this and complaining that I needed some help. I followed them on each call but each time it was useless. With every number I contacted them from, they later blocked it. The refund is the worst process to encounter too. I have been explaining to them about everything that has happened to me and how I was charged for the services I did not purchase.

After receiving many calls from 1&1 Ionos I signed up for a free trial. The support lady informed and reassured me that I wouldn’t be charged for anything and that I have the authority to cancel anytime and have a refund. She assured me that I wouldn’t need to provide them with any card details because I wouldn’t be charged at all. Later, I got an email from Paypal that I was charged $10. I tried to get back on them but did not receive any help.

DO NOT USE IONOS. I started a non-profit organisation and signed a monthly contract with 1&1 Ionos. A few days later they charged me $65 which was too high for the amount we agreed on. I confirmed all my invoices and details and called them again and found out that they had upgraded me out of nowhere from a monthly package to a yearly one. I was shocked to hear this.

BEWARE! I have been a victim of 1&1 Ionos crime that led to me being unable to access my banking details and personal information for a couple of days during the COVID 19 pandemic. This caused a reduction of 24 euros and 1&1 Ionos sent me a payment reminder which of course I didn’t receive at that time. Because of this, I was unable to access my email account. After a five week duration to close my account, they took down my website and told me I have no comeback. 

1&1 Ionos has helped me to innovate and inspire in doing more things than I imagined, resulting in establishing my companies with a digital footprint. The company is straightforward and specific providing you tools for the present day. It enables you to run a successful website with a massive online presence. Thank you 1&1 Ionos

I have been using 1&1 Ionos and updated my PHP lately. The WordPress I wouldn’t work and cause issues. The website was totally white with no log back into WordPress options visible to update my website. I reached out to the customer support team and they found out what was causing issues. They offered me not one. but a variety of solutions and a few minutes later my issue was resolved. This is my reason for being with 1&1 Ionos.

Scam company/ please do not register. This company has been holding my domain ransom. So I let my contact expire deliberately because I wanted to stop hosting but instead of expiring. the hosting service renewed my service without my consent. This is a practice which not even the larger  companies do.  My two domains are inaccessible. I would not recommend them because you do not own domains. My payment has been stuck with them for the past two years now.

Is 1&1 IONOS The One?

The features 1&1 Ionos provides with excellent uptime and solid customer support. It is the one in terms of the cloud hosting category with the bonus of useful website builder tools.