About Us

We decided to set out on a mission to create a website that allowed you to find the best, cheapest and latest web-hosting providers, from VPS to Cloud hosting providers we have them all listed here, including reviews and comparisons.

Our Mission

After careful planning and consideration, we launched with 3 staff members writing content for you to be able to read comparisons, reviews, and more on CompareOnlineHosting.com. You should be fairly competent at starting your website once you’ve read through our guides, comparisons, and reviews.

There are hundreds of different web hosting providers with different prices, sneaky renewal prices, and plenty of confusion, so you can avoid this here with our reviews and comparisons.

How We Compare and Judge Hosting Companies

We tend to avoid any advertising material suggested by web hosting companies, we criteria and assessment of each host is based on real data, such as uptime reports and performance testing using our software, like Sucuri or Pingdom.

Our criteria are often as follows:

  • Price
  • Uptime
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Customer Support/Knowledgebase

We often take a look at a lot more than just these things, but these are the main aspects we take a look at.

Who Writes The Content?

We have 3 full-time staff members and plenty of experienced part-time staff that writes reviews, comparisons, and guides on here. Our main authors, James Krammer starting by founding two e-commerce stores requiring the heavy setup of dedicated servers to deal with traffic and the size of the website, James has significant experience in developing server structure and plenty of experience with setting up complex websites.

Alyx Cherry, an author at CompareOnlineHosting, has been reviewing web hosting providers for nearly a decade starting with HostMonster, where she launched her first blog.

We have certain staff members that only review and compare areas of their own expertise such as VPS, Cloud, or even Dedicated server setup.

How To Get In Touch?

If you’re interested in being listed on our website or have a question about web hosting, feel free to contact us on our page. Or alternatively out social media.

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