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When it comes to the best web hosting providers, Aruba provides a cheap option with plenty of features including GDPR, cheap services, e.g, 12 euros a year hosting, which is by far a great price for hosting. However, our Aruba review found that a lot of the content isn’t in English, and customer support isn’t great.

Aruba was one of the first web hosting providers around, starting in 1994. It has data centers across Italy, England, Germany, France, and plenty of other European countries.

Another great incentive of Aruba is its eco-friendly-ness, they promise 100% renewable energy while already promising to be net-zero.

Aruba’s Pricing

As mentioned above, Aruba is beyond an excellent hosting provider with cheap plans. A basic Linux hosting plan with 5 email accounts, unlimited disk space and traffic comes at €11.99 + VAT per/y.

More expensive options, like Aruba’s Cloud hosting plan, start at €174 per year and can increase when you opt for more RAM. You have a 30 days free on the SuperSite plan. Like most of the hosts we’ve reviewed, you’ll be offered plenty of options when looking at any plan, increasing the price of each plan.

Payment methods vary from PayPal, Visa/Mastercard to even Postepay. And you’re even able to cancel your plan a couple of months in and get your money back, however, you’ll need to contact support.

Performance and Speed

When testing Aruba’s speed, we found a 7.5-7.7 second full load, which is still alright and slightly above average. While also having a decent amount of requests, 77 instead of the average of 88, but this is usually down to the website itself.

Aruba claims only 26 minutes of annual downtime, making it a Tier IV data center. We compiled data over 4 weeks, finding a total downtime of 28 minutes, having a 99.92% uptime during our testing period. Unfortunately, Aruba has fallen slightly short of the Tier IV mark of 99.995% uptime.

Aruba Performance Review

Taking a look above, in these speeds, we can see countries like Tokyo, Singapore, and some US locations aren’t great, but still loading sub-2 second, on a basic WordPress theme.

Customer Support

As we’ve spoken about previously, Aruba has been mentioned as not the best in terms of customer support. As you can see on the website, you’ll find plenty ob support buttons claiming a 24/7 support channel, but lead to a contact form. With many customers suggesting up to 24 hours to get a reply, Aruba doesn’t perform very well in this department.

As the mass of Aruba’s customer support is Italian, a lot of the content and support will be in this language. A lot of the knowledgebase FAQ content is in Italian, however, if you’re on Chrome, it’ll be translated, but not always great translations. Language in terms of support is always going to be a barrier when choosing Aruba.

Also, a phone number is also available, however, language barriers are always going to cause a problem with any questions related to hosting.

Setup and Ease of Use

When registering an account with Aruba, you’ll find you need to leave plenty of personal data such as a home address, DoB, ID number and plenty of other stuff. Finding your country seems to be difficult as all the countries are in Italian, making this a task in its self. Registering a domain is fairly easy, however, transferring an existing domain is yet again difficult due to translation processes. Pretty much everything is found to be difficult due to the translation of Italian to English, with Chrome constantly reloading the page to translate it.

Aruba supports website builder Swite, which you’ll find fairly easy to use, but need to pay extra for. You can also use Aruba’s SiteBuilder and choose from plenty of templates listed and you can make your own, or even design from scratch.

FTP/File management is easy to use with straightforward buttons and fairly easy if you’ve used file managers before. User manuals are generally in Italian so prove to be useless if you’re English or not Italian. You can also easily add your Google Analytics Code to the website to easily monitor your traffic, which is fairly easy.

Aruba Alternatives/Competiton

Hetzner is a german-based web hosting provider, however, more expensive than Aruba miles better in terms of server locations, performance, FTP Access and is still decently cheaped compared to some of the other dedicated server hosts. Hetzner is not a provider that should be ignored. We reviewing Hetzner we found that they had plenty of features and great quality of service and compared to Aruba, is a great alternative.

InterServer is a highly scalable hosting provider based in New Jersey and has questionable support outsourced into India, however, is definitely a choice for most website managers that want both performance and price.

HostGator is one of the most well-known hosting providers, with cheap prices and discounts on long-term subscriptions this is great for beginner and experienced website admins. While both Aruba and HostGator are budget-friendly, while HostGator has better customer support, Aruba has better bandwidth, traffic limitation, and unlimited disk space, so both have advantages and disadvantages.

DreamHost is another great hosting provider that became popular in terms of dedicated server hosting, both Aruba and DreamHost have features like unlimited disk space and traffic, however, DreamHost is by far more expensive but with better customer support and other features. DreamHost is more for business owners with deeper pockets.

Aruba Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a web host that ensures budget and decent features, Aruba is by far a great web host. You’ll find this web host much better if you speak Italian but BlueHost and HostGator offer similar budget-friendly but better support. So it’s really up to what you want, how much you want it for. At the end of the day, if you can pay an extra dollar or two and get a better web host like HostGator.

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