Best Free Web Hosting

Andy V

No doubt, paid web hosting services has it’s advantages. From unlimited bandwidth and more extensive storage to a truckload of e-commerce tools, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy a more robust service devoid of pesky adverts and unnecessary downtime. However, there’s almost nothing as catchy as a headline that has free in it. 

Whether it’s free burgers or tacos, the idea of obtaining something for free excites us. When it comes to web hosting, the sound of freebie can translate to saving some costs. That said, one thing you can’t separate from a free web hosting service is the limitation in features. 

Still, if you don’t have many visitors to your site at the moment, then a free web hosting service might just be what you need. With that said, here are some of the best free web hosting services.

Best Free Web Hosting Services 2021

You can take a look at all the best free web hosting services below with a brief review, with 000Webhost being the best free web host currently available.

1. 000Webhost

With over 20,000,000 million hosted websites, 000Webhost is no newbie to the web hosting business. The platform is a product of Hostinger, another hosting site with over a decade’ experience. 

000Webhost offers users a backend cPanel, a robust Zyro website builder for an easy website design, and an auto-installer for WordPress. One of the most exciting features of 000Webhost (asides from its catchy name) is that your visitors won’t be seeing any disturbing or distracting adverts. 

Also, with 000Webhost, you don’t have to worry about SSL because you’ll get an automatic 000Webhost certificate cover. Since the certificate is not a self-signed one, you’ll be sparing your visitors the hassle of receiving security errors. 

In terms of the setup, it’s free all the way, meaning a credit card isn’t necessary to jump in. What’s more, there’s no freemium period termination that forces users to subscribe to a paid version. So, you can use the free service as long as you want.

Despite all the praises, it’s not all rosy with 000Webhost. For one, the bandwidth and disk space is a bit of a bummer, especially if you’re running a serious gig. The platform also comes with only 3GB per month bandwidth and 300MB worth of disk space. 

Allow me to put that into a real-time operation context. If you have web pages with a 1.5 MB average size, that’s approximately 66-page view every 24hrs. Well, that doesn’t sound so bad for a website with little activity. However, you’ll likely need an upgrade if you want to turn things up. 

With the small bandwidth, you can’t install more than one website. Furthermore, 000Webhost service only one MySQL database, a bit too little a package when you compare it to competitors like Infinityfree that supports hundreds of MySQL databases. 

That being said, altogether, it’s not a bad deal for a free hosting service, and here’s a list of the features.

  • 300MB disk space
  • Only one domain hosting
  • 3GB bandwidth 
  • Zero subdomains & email accounts
  • One FTP accounts
  • One MySQL databases
  • No live support 
  • Supports PHP

Perhaps, you’re not so psyched about the limitations. If so, 000Webhost has a paid version with a more robust premium service for $4.79 per month. It offers a disk space of 20GB, 100 subdomains, unlimited bandwidth, FTP account, email, and Cloud fare integration. 

2. Infinityfree

It’s not uncommon for free online services to come with many limiting features. It’s a common strategy with online businesses that aim to lure users into subscribing and eventually getting them to pay for their much robust expensive packages. 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not about to tell you Infinityfree doesn’t have any limitations in the features offered. But when it comes to free web hosting service, Infinityfree stands out among many competitors. That’s because it gives customers access to many unlimited features that are not common with other free services. 

For one, there’s the unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, which turns most subscribers into Infinityfree unpaid marketers. What’s more, you’ll also have the liberty to host as many domains as you want, not to mention a whopping 400 MySQL databases, free secure sockets layer (SSL), free CloudFlare CDN, and free DNS service. For a free web hosting service, that’s what I call pretty impressive. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Infinityfree has been in the web hosting business for only half a decade and has nearly 400,000 users on its web hosting platform. Despite the free status, there’s no smart, hidden strategy to fleece customers. So, be rest assured that it’s as free as it gets. Again, for a free service, another plus is that your visitors won’t be bothered by pesky ads though there’ll be some at the back end. Below are the features at a glance 

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited domain hosting 
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Ten email accounts
  • One File transfer protocol account
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • 400 MySQL databases

As earlier mentioned, like most free web hosting service, Infinityfree comes with limitations. For example, you can only get ten email accounts. Also, if you seek a file transfer protocol service, you only gain access to one FTP account, which you can use to upload your contents. 

Furthermore, this hosting service is devoid of domain registrations; however, you can bypass this issue by using another registrar. There’s also the limitation of 50,000 hits every 24 hrs for your website.

Altogether, if you’re not running any comprehensive setup, the limitations shouldn’t pose a challenge to your operation. 

Look on the bright side though, Infinityfree can boast of excellent service uptime. But hey, it’s a free service, so you’re practically on your own when your site experience downtime. However, for an affordable $6.90, this web hosting platform offers an all-unlimited package with a Cloud flare Railgun as well as a web proxy system that provides better load time speed and projection.

3. Byethost

Known for its quick and easy-to-use service, Byethost is one of the most efficient free web hosting services with the following features.

  • 5GB Disk space
  • One domain hosting
  • Unlimited traffic per month
  • Supports seven subdomains
  • Five email account
  • One FTP account
  • 5 MySQL databases
  • Support is available.

The web hosting service is part of Byet Internet, a United States-based company that provides domain name, hosting, and reseller service. With over a million hosted websites, Byethost’s free service keeps its customer base continuously increasing by offering users 5GB worth of server space and unlimited bandwidth every month. 

That’s not all. The platform is MySQL / PHP compliant and offers efficient tech support, which runs 24/7. Trust me; this is one feature that is hard to find in most free web hosting services. What’s more, the platform offers users access to a self-service video lecture about the service and how to address issues. 

Also, I can’t forget to mention that the impressive user interface comes with a VistaPanel. This control panel gives you an account of how you’re utilizing your available features such as bandwidth, disk space, and daily visitors’ statistics. 

4. Googiehost 

When a free web hosting service brings cPanel and cloud fare to its freebie table, then there’s no need to wonder how it gathered its millions of users. Before you confuse this one with Googlehost, take a second look. 

Yes, it’s a cheeky, perhaps, a sneaky way of blending in with the big boys of web hosting, but that doesn’t make this web hosting service any less impressive. This platform has been hosting websites for nearly a decade, so trust me when I say they’re among the good free service providers. Check out what you stand to get if you aim at avoiding monthly subscriptions. 

  • A control panel dashboard 
  • Cloud flare
  • 1GB Disk space
  • One Domain hosting
  • 100GB bandwidth/ Monthly traffic
  • Two Subdomains
  • Two Email accounts
  • Two FTP accounts 
  • Two MySQL databases

Certainly, Googiehost offers pretty much everything you need with a few limitations, such as two FTP accounts, an email account, disk space, and MySQL databases. Still, it’s not a bad offer for a free service when compared to some web hosting platforms with no email or FTP accounts. 

Bringing in some class to the table, Googiehost puts a little hurdle in the way before accepting to host your website. First, you’ll have to provide a good reason for needing their free service. This is a bit different and perhaps weird, but the idea will help keep some spammers out of the platform.

5. FreeHostingNoAds

A similar web hosting service to Googiehost is FreeHostingNoAds. If you’re looking for a no-ads service, this website hosting platform might be your stop. With the features below, you can achieve straightforward installs on your own, though there’s a file size limitation of 15MB. You’ll also have access to a dashboard to manage your web services. 

  • 1GB Disk space
  • One Domain hosting
  • 5GB bandwidth per month
  • Three Subdomains
  • One Email and FTP account
  • One MySQL database

You’ll also find account creation a breeze. However, you may notice account emails are hitting your spam box. While that doesn’t technically affect your affect website’s functionality, it’s also a pointer. Many of the sites hosted by FreeHostingNoAds may be on the reject list. If you don’t want to work with the limitations, with as little as $2.39 a month, you’ll get access to unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

6. AwardSpace 

Another web hosting service that has been in the game for more than ten years is AwardSpace. The platform offers several hosting services and relies mainly on its free service to build its customer base. The free plan has the following features:

  • Three subdomains
  • 1GB Disk space
  • 5GB bandwidth per month.
  • MySQL database
  • 24/7 chat support
  • One email account with a spam filter.

For starters, you’ll no doubt enjoy the single click content management system and the no-ad service once you upload your website. What’s more, you can monitor your usage statistics, such as bandwidth usage, thus managing your resources. 

It’s also one of the few free web hosting services with live chat support if you have any questions about the service at any time of the day. The platform has Joomla and a WordPress installer. So, even though the web hosting platform is devoid of a custom website builder, you can totally swing your designs without any stress. The Disk space isn’t what you could write home about, but it’s not a bad idea for a small website operation. 

You can always transition to the paid plans for as little as $5 per month if you can’t make do with the features of the free service. AwardSpace shines in the area of offering users a huge bang for their money by giving mouth-watering premium hosting discounts for less than a dollar for the whole year. 

This premium service unlocks unlimited Disk space, bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. If you’re all about support service, AwardSpace promises a maximum of 1hour SLA to respond to all user complaints. 


With the latest PHP version, MySQL database, cPanel for monitoring your usage, and an unlimited bandwidth size, free web hosting services just got better. prides itself on reliability. So, your website will enjoy uptime and an above-average loading speed. What’s more, being in the web hosting business for more than ten years makes x10Hosting an expert in website owners’ needs. 

They have over 750 thousand active subscribers and currently house and process over 100 million customers’ files. So, building your website on x10Hosting with its over 150 templates and features below will undoubtedly make the journey less intimidating. 

  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • PHP compliant 
  • 1GB Disk space
  • One picked domain 
  • 2 subdomain
  • Single-click install 
  • Three email account 
  • Website builder with hundreds of templates.
  • cPanel

A little heads up; you may visit and find jumping on their free package impossible. That’s because the huge traffic from new customers trying to subscribe causes x10Hosting to pause free plan customer onboarding periodically. You can simply revisit the website any other time when their free service becomes available. 


On this list is a newbie to the world of web hosting service. Make no mistake,’s focus on security and improved, latest technology offer excellent service to customers with the following features:

  • 5GB Disk storage 
  • One packed and add-on Domain 
  • Single-click install
  • 20GB bandwidth
  • A website builder 
  • PHP-compliant. 

The 5GB storage space and 20GB bandwidth is undoubtedly a plus and a major reason for its growing customer base. While it can’t compete with the likes of Infinityfree that offers unlimited bandwidth and Disk space, blows many other competing web hosting services out of the water. 

5GBfree recently increased its customer base by eliminating ads from the free plan. Another good news is that you don’t have to enter a contract to jump on the free service, meaning you can use it as you like without any commitments. 

One of the downsides is that the platform has no email accounts, but you can circumvent this challenge by pairing your hosting account with any available free email hosting service. 

When you feel the need to upgrade from the free service’s limitations, 5GBfree has a paid service for less than $3 that offers larger storage space, unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, and email accounts, a control dashboard, and 24-hour support service. 


250MB Disk space is undoubtedly a bummer, but Freehostia compensates users with an ad-free operation and an impressive 24hr support service. Another plus for this free hosting service is that it connects website owners to a low-cost dedicated server. 

Freehostia service operates as cloud hosting, thereby promoting an above-average performance, including uptime and load time. There’s 24 hours monitor of Freehostia servers to make sure fixes and necessary improvements are made. Check out the features of you want to consider the service.

  • 250MB Disk storage
  • 5 domains
  • Easy installation
  • Three email accounts
  • Website builder with free templates


With over 15 million users in the Bravenet web hosting platform, the Canadian company brings in an email marketing feature that stands it out from the many competitors. This feature allows you to enjoy an inclusive package, which makes reaching your customer base easier and in a customizable format. 

What’s more, the hosting company is also into a wide range of online services, including web hosting, site design/building, domain registration, etc. They offer both paid and free web hosting services with the features below.

  • 500MB storage space
  • Free Bravenet subdomain
  • 1GB bandwidth 
  • Easy drag-and-drop website builder 
  • Email-marketing service

Additionally, its easy and quick, drag-and-drop website design feature is another plus as it makes newbies and non-tech website owners quickly navigate their way around. 

The 500MB Disk space and 1GB bandwidth might be small, but Bravenet currently offers users features such as message boards, blogs, mailing lists, polls, and other online tools to help their business. 

What’s more, there’s a detailed analytics dashboard that will help you measure your website’s success. That’s not a good compensation if you ask me.

For users that want a more comprehensive plan, Bravenet has four paid plans with different levels of limitations and monthly costs. These include the cheapest starter plan (1.79/month), with a 3GB bandwidth SSL certificate and one email and FTP account. The Basic ($3.59), advanced (6.59/month), and corporate (8.99/month)