Best Green Web Hosting


Finally, you have also realized the effect of web hosting is having on our environment. Before we tell you the best green web hosting providers out there, let us talk a little about the effects of web hosting on our surroundings. And at the end of the day, the best web hosting isn’t easy to find, especially not green ones anyway, take a look at our total guide below.

At first, it gets a little difficult to digest that a thing like a web hosting can have a substantial impact on our environment. But, it is true. The internet has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last two decades. A lot of energy goes into providing powering data centers and serves 24/7/365 days a year. And, we are not talking about one server or a couple of servers; we are talking about huge facilities with server upon server upon the server. Can you even imagine how much heat they produce?

Have you ever felt your laptop get all hot for a few hours? Yes, it is the same concept. Now, imagine how much hotter the servers get. To curtail that, huge cooling systems are installed that operate 24/7 to keep the servers cool. The energy needed to run them is immense.

These cooling systems emit a lot of carbon dioxide in the air. This is toxic to the environment and is one of the major reasons of ozone depletion in the past few years. This shows how dangerous it can be.

But, companies and clients are now becoming aware and are working hard towards eliminating this problem. Companies are converting to green web hosting. On their end, customers have become educated and are not getting a hosting plan from companies that don’t follow the green scheme!

What is Green Web Hosting? 

Green web hosting means that web hosting companies are working hard to undergo eco-friendly initiatives that will reduce the harm happening to the environment due to the impact of the server units, etc. What they are doing is that they are investing in some form of offsetting scheme for the carbon dioxide being produced. The bottom line is to find some sort of “renewable energy” This means that for every unit of energy consumed, they compensate that with renewable energy.

The only downside to it is that converting to green hosting tends to be expensive as compared to normal hosting. No need to worry, the impact on the price will not be too high. But, aren’t a few bucks extra worth saving the environment?

Best Web Hosting for The Environment

While we were searching for the best green web hosts, we did come across a handful of companies that were highly eco-friendly but did not provide good hosting services. Just going for a hosting plan because the company is green is not a wise decision. You need to balance both things together.

Our criteria surely included the green element of companies while looking for the best. But, this was not the only thing we looked at. Apart from this, the other hosting services like disk space, domain name, DDoS protection, SSL certificate, price, uptime, everything was kept in mind.

Take a look below at the best green web hosting providers throughout our study, with GreenGeeks being the best green web host:

1. GreenGeeks

By going with GreenGeeks you will be reducing your carbon footprint by 300%, and for their dedication to the environment, GreenGeeks are by far the best green web hosting provider there is today. This number is enough to make you realize how green this hosting provider is.  It gives 3 units for every unit of energy it consumes to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Hence, they are not just offsetting your carbon footprint, they are reducing it overall. Undoubtedly, this makes them the #1 green host provider worldwide.

How Good Are The Plans?

Sure, they are THE greenest web host out there, but we have to look at the hosting plans also. After all, what fun is it to go for a green host only to see that their plans are no good? But, GreenGeeks has some decent plans.


  • 300% energy offset
  • Daily free backups
  • Excellent shared hosting
  • 98% uptime
  • Good customer support


  • High price of renewal
  • Limited hosting plans

Their shared hosting plans are one of the best. Sadly, they don’t offer all the plans, but only have:

  • Managed VPS hosting
  • Reseller
  • VPS
  • Shared hosting

The reason they don’t offer dedicated hosting is because of their vision of going green. How are they related? Well, in dedicated hosting, there is only one website/client on the entire server. Imagine even if 10 websites opt for dedicated hosting, it means 10 servers dedicated to them. On the other hand, in shared hosting, at times, more than 30 40 websites share the same server. This is the underlying reason why they don’t offer dedicated hosting options. It has the following plans to offer:


Price $/month

Ecostar Premium


Ecostar Pro


Ecostar starter


The starting price is $2.95/month. The only downside is that you will get this price if you subscribe to a 3-year plan. Remember, this is only the first-time price. After that, the renewal price is $9.95/month. With the shared hosting plan, you get the following features:

  • Daily backups
  • Cloudflare integration
  • Website builder
  • Shared SSL
  • Free domain
  • Softaculous app installer
  • One-click installations
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free website migration
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The biggest issue in switching hosts is that you have to let go of your previous website. GreenGeeks provides you with free website migration even in the most basic shared hosting plan. Along with it, daily backups occur at night. Best of all, you get one-click installations. Now, you don’t need to fret about going through complicated procedures and waste your time and effort in understanding how things work.

Lastly, you get a solid 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can give the web host a test run and if you are not satisfied, you can always get all your money back without any questions asked.

2. A2 Hosting

They have been green since 2007. Even though it is one of the top green hosts, it does not boast about it. You cannot find a single mention on the main page which is surprising. They have much to talk about in terms of going green. They use a scheme to offset energy and have been carbon-free since then. They also encourage telecommuting to rid the environment of pollution. They have teamed up with to buy renewable energy from the wind farms. Moreover, the organization also focuses on reforestation.

Even though the starting prices of this web host are higher as compared to the others. There is a reason for this. The focus of A2 Hosting is on delivering functionality and power. Plus, they don’t have very high renewal fees as compared to the other hosts. This is why the initial plans seem expensive.

How Good Are The Plans? 

They provide excellent plans across the board. Moreover, the price is also competitive when compared to the others overall. It gives you the best value for money.


  • Free site migration
  • Excellent customer support
  • Money-back guarantee without any time frame
  • Carbon-neutral
  • A lot of features


  • No free domain
  • Comparatively higher prices

All the plans come with different features. Even if they seem expensive at first, they are economical in the long-run. They offer the following plans


Price $/month

Drive Plan


Windows shared hosting turbo


Windows shared hosting swift


Windows shared hosting lite


As you can easily see, the high end plan seems a little expensive. But, the lite plan is still competitive in terms of price, a little on the higher side. They have a lot to offer. All their plans include the following basic features:

  • Friendly customer service 27/7
  • Encrypted SSL
  • AnyCast DNS
  • Free scanning for any viruses
  • One-click Prestashop and WordPress installation
  • Multiple data centers all over the world
  • Free website migration
  • Money-back guarantee

The most striking feature is the anytime money-back guarantee. Yes, that is the confidence level! If you are not satisfied with the services being provided, you can ask for your money back. There is no time restriction. Wow! The most expensive plan they have is the Drive plan. It is $11/month. Splitting the hosting across multiple websites is also allowed. Nice feature, isn’t it?

3. InMotion

Hands down, it is the best green host provider for the smaller sites. It has some of the best VPS hosting and shared hosting plans available in the market. InMotion has a different strategy than the rest. All the focus is on cutting down on their initial energy consumption. This means that they are proactive instead of reactive.

It has used an innovative technique to cool down their data centers. The cooling technique involves circulating air from outside in the data center. Hence, the cooling systems don’t need to work that much to cool down the air. Seem little, doesn’t it? Well, this technique has allowed InMotion to reduce the output of carbon to 2,000 tons a year. In terms of going green, they partnered with Trees of the Future and planted more than 5,000 trees.

How Good Are The Plans? 

They offer a wide range of plans for the clients. But, the strongest plans are VPS and shared hosting. The prices are very economical and you can certainly find a plan that suits your needs specifically.


  • Provides the best VPS and shared hosting
  • Economical Prices
  • Free backup
  • Unlimited CPU cores
  • High storage capacity
  • Coupons and offers
  • Good bandwidth


  • Limited green initiatives
  • 99.97% uptime

The only place they lack is that they have the least green initiatives when compared to the rest of the hosts that have gone green. Apart from that, the plans range from $2.49/month to 12.99/month. This is quite economical. The best plan of the lot turns out to be the Power plan which comes at an affordable price of $7.99/month and has a lot to offer.

Another downside is the low uptime it guarantees. Yes, 99.97% is quite low as compared to the 99.99%, almost all the other hosts offer. This means there are greater chances of your website to remain down and unavailable to the customers.  When talking solely about VPS hosting, it turns our to be the best of all the web host providers offering the following features in all the plans:

  • Root access
  • Free daily backup
  • Unlimited CPU score
  • High bandwidth
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited disk space
  • SSL certificate for free

Undoubtedly, these are some smart features to offer. The money-back-guarantee varies for each web hosting service. For example, for shared hosting, it is 30 days and for VPS it is 90 days. The renewal fee is $7.99/month. The customer service is up to the mark and friendly. Moreover, InMotion is popular for offering discounts and coupons frequently.

4. HostPapa

If you want your friends and family to know you have gone green, HostPapa is just the host for you. It allows you to add badges and banners to let everyone know that you are using a green host provider. It was one of the first carbon-neutral company all over the world.

It has a very unique way in which it operates. What it does is that it buys “green energy tags”. This means that the supplier of the tag calculates the amount of energy that is required by HostPapa’s operations. Next, it adds that amount of energy in the power grid. Hence, the effect is neutralized.

How Good Are The Plans? 

Okay. That is what the plans are. There is nothing exceptional about them, neither do they have something noticeable to offer. Sure, they match to the competitors in terms of the price tag, but that is about it. In terms of features, it does offer some decent ones.


  • Carbon neutral
  • Provides banners to tell everyone you have gone green
  • One of the first companies to go green
  • Allows 2 websites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Ample disk space


  • No dedicated hosting option available

The prices tend to be a tad higher than the competitors. This can be seen by the hosting plans it provides.


Price $/month

HostPapa Starter pack


HostPapa Business Pro


The features provided in the most basic plan and all the other plans are as follows:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • SSL certificates
  • Free domain name
  • Can host 2 websites
  • Site migration

Keep an eye out for the money-back guarantee. It tends to get a little sneaky. It is not a 30-day money-back if you have not subscribed for a year. If you have subscribed for less than a year, you only get 46 hours to claim your money back. Even though the cheapest package can host two websites, the disk space is not sufficient. It is only 100 GB. Keep in mind these points before you go ahead and buy it.

5. iPage

iPage has succeeded in reducing the carbon footprint by a strong 200%. It was one of the most straightforward hosts that we came across. There is no big talk. They have clearly stated on their website that for every KWH of energy they use, they go ahead and offset that amount with 200% wind energy. The prices are slightly a bit more than the rivals, but ultimately one of the best cheap web hosting providers that also offer green aspects. But, they offer a wide range of introductory packages which increase the value of money quotient. If you decide to get your website hosted by iPage, you can go ahead and get the “green” badge on your website and let people know.

How Good Are The Plans? 

The plans are very economical and affordable for the masses. Due to the heavy promotions, it offers on a regular basis, you can get a shared hosting plan for as low as $1.99/month. On the other hand, the VPS hosting plan can be purchased for $19.99/month.


  • 200% offsetting of carbon footprint
  • Cheap plans
  • Good features


  • Lowest uptime of 99.94%

The low uptime is a true bummer. It has the lowest not across all the green host providers, but even when compared to the host providers in general. This means that your website will be down quite often. Keeping all things in mind, it can be said that for a small, eco-friendly website, it is a good option. Anything bigger or better than that, you should look for something else.

6. DreamHost

It is a pretty decent green host service provider. It gets renewable energy from different suppliers and all the data centers are operated by this energy. Moreover, the plants use reclaimed water also. But, they don’t match to the other hosts which are included in this list.

 How Good Are The Plans? 

Well, they aren’t that good neither are they bad. They are somewhere in the middle. Actually, they provide good value for money on the plans. For a 3-year plan, you will get $4.99.month. That is pretty decent, isn’t it? Thereafter, the renewing fee is higher than the other plans. It renews at a handsome amount of $7.95/month


  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Great customer support service
  • Follows green initiatives
  • Cheap hosting plans


  • Customer support is not available 24/7

The most interesting feature that makes it stand out is the storage capacity it offers. For some plans, you can get as much as 64 GB RAM. But, that is just about it. Nothing else stands out except the 97-days money back guarantee which they offer to customers. Apart from that, the features are pretty common. But, the dedicated plans are interesting and stand out from the rest.


Price $/month

DreamHost shared unlimited


DreamHost shared starter



So, you have our top picks for the best green web hosting providers. For us (and everyone you are going to ask) GreenGeeks tops the charts in every aspect. Hence, if you want to go green with the best hosting plans, GreenGeeks is the place to go!