Best Shared Web Hosting

James Kramer

Shared web hosting is fairly self-explanatory, it’s web hosting without costing an arm and a leg. Over the past two decades, everything has gone online. You will be fooling yourself into thinking that you don’t need to have an online presence and a great web hosting service. Even if you are the biggest brand on the block, you need to have a website.

If you’re planning or starting up a small online business or a corporate portfolio website for your clients, either way, you’ll need a good website which means you’ll need good web hosting and a good marketing strategy

It is just what the name says; shared. In the simplest way, for people who want to explore the digital world and don’t know how to do so, shared hosting is the type of web hosting you need. Not having a website will mean that you are losing potential customers. A well-crafted website can increase the sales of your products/services manifold.

Today, we’ll be looking at the top picks for shared hosting plans to ensure the cheapest route possible for your hosting journey. You can also find what shared hosting is all about. [no_toc]

Best Shared Web Hosting 2021

Keeping in mind everything above, here are the best shared web hosting companies listed:

  • InMotion
  • Hostinger
  • iPage
  • HostGator
  • 1&1 IONOS
  • Namecheap
  • UK2
  • TsoHost Shared Web Hosting
  • SiteGround Shared Hosting
InMotion Shared Hosting

1. InMotion


InMotion delivers one of the best shared hosting as well as one of the best dedicated hosting plans with great prices which include plenty of features and benefits to suit any web hosting provider.

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InMotion is by far the best shared web hosting provider of the bunch. Again, like most of the web host providers, you will get the cheapest rates with the longest commitment. Let us explain. For a three-year plan, you will only have to pay $4.99/month. Does this sound a little more than the rest? Well, it does not have any serious additional costs like the others. This means that the other features that hosts are providing a fee are free of charge with InMotion. These features include:

  • DDoS Protection
  • Daily Backups
  • Hack Mitigation
  • WordPress Builder

All these features are already included in the package and you will not need to pay anything extra. Another thing that makes it stand out from the rest is that everything is very transparent. At a glance, you know what you are paying for. Therefore, there is full transparency and you know exactly what is being offered and paid for.

Moreover, you can get Softaculous-powered and cPanel hosting. With a 90-day money-back guarantee and features that top the chart, it is a very impressive web server host to go for. It has the following three plans on offer:

  • Inmotion Power @ $7.99/month
  • Inmotion launch @ $4.99/month
  • Inmotion lite @ $2.45/month
Hostinger Shared Hosting

2. Hostinger Shared

Hostinger Shared Hosting
$0.99/mo has constantly delivered some of the best shared hosting plans throughout our experience, and many others, from only $0.99/mo you can find some of the best performance-money value here.

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Is ease of use your top priority? Hostinger has kept it very simple with plans for both businesses and individual users. The plans they provide are very affordable and easy to use and understand. The cheapest plan starts from $0.99/month. Yes, less than a dollar. It has the following shared hosting plans which are applicable only for one website per plan.

PlansPrice ($)/month
Business Shared Hosting$3.99
Premium Shared Hosting$2.89
Single Shared Hosting$0.99

For the single shared hosting plan you get the following features:

  • 10 GB of disk space
  • 100 GB bandwidth

Moreover, in the business shared hosting plan, you get unlimited bandwidth. The only downside is that the disk space is limited to only 100GB. Yes, that could be a problem. Apart from this, all the plans come with additional features. Depending on the type of plan you opt for, you will receive some or all of the following features:

  • A free SSL certificate that ensures security level.
  • Domain registration for free.
  • Cloudflare protection.
  • Daily backups
  • Access to SSH for free

This is the most price-competitive host provider on our list. Additionally, it is also very capable and gives generally good uptime when compared to others. The only worrisome factor is that sometimes the limited disk-space can pose a hassle, but the 30-day money back guarantee gives you ample time to decide if you want to go for it or not.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Competitive prices
  • Free SSL included
  • Reliable


  • Provides limited disk space

3. has been around for two decades, which says a lot about its clientele. Every year they host thousands of websites and the customers are very satisfied with it. Hence, for us, it is an overall performer. Not only does it give shared hosting plans across Windows but also for Linux. Thus, it is quite versatile.

The cheapest plan you can get is priced at $3.75 per month. Moreover, you will have to subscribe for the entire year. Surprisingly, it does not get any cheaper than this, as seen on our best cheap web hosting comparison page. But, it gives excellent value for money, and not a dime is wasted. You will get unlimited storage along with a free domain name for the first year. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Best of all, the interface is very easy to use. The control panel is Vdeck and gives many powerful features that are easy to use and operate. Beginners and professionals will have a good time playing around with so many features. If one website is enough for you, go for the basic plan. On the other hand, if you need unlimited websites, the “deluxe plan” is more suitable, starting at $6.75/month. For premium customer support, go for the most expensive and biggest plan, “Ultra Plan.”

One of the strongest points of is their customer support. Like their counterparts, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the services, you can always ask for your money back. Even though it is not the cheapest in terms of price, you can’t ask for more. The performance is exceptional and you get exactly what you pay for.


  • High performance
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Added feature


  • None

4. iPage

Are you looking for an affordable plan for your web sites? iPage has just the thing!  With the new “Essentials Plan,” you get a plethora of features. Best of all, each plan lets you host multiple websites at the same time. The cheapest package starts at $1.99/month and gives you many features to choose from. Some of them are:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domains
  • MYSQL access
  • Unlimited web space
  • Unlimited email addresses

For a little extra cost you can get very smart options like a drag and drop option for building your website. With this, all you need to do is select an option, drag it down to your page and drop it. Along with this, you get a basic SSL free certificate. Overall, it gives good performance and the tech support is quite nice. However, the only downside to it is that they respond on live chat and through email.

Remember, this server host provider is basically for those looking to host multiple sites. So, if you are an experienced user and want to expand your online presence by adding some sites, this is perfect for you.


  • Good live/email chat support
  • A free website builder is provided along with the package
  • Unlimited domain, webspace, and websites


  • Tech support is not up to the mark

5. HostGator

Are you looking for good web hosting services on a budget? HostGator should be your go-to-website in such a situation.  One noticeable feature is that you will get the cheapest prices if you are willing to invest long-term. This means that buying plans that span over one or two years will give you a good price. Let’s look at it like this, the cheapest plan is $2.64/month but only if you subscribe for three years.

On the other hand, the same plan will cost $3.58/month if you go for a one-year plan. Can you see how it works out? The silver lining is that you get quite a lot in the basic plan,  For example:

  • Unlimited web space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unlimited email accounts and much more.

Even though the customer support is pretty decent, it can be problematic at times. The  reason for this could be that the help forums are not moderated by the company itself. Meanwhile, the uptime came as a surprise for us. We were not expecting such a high uptime in the shared hosting plan.


  • Many options to choose from
  • Easy to use cPanel hosting
  • Unlimited option is available for many features.


  • Customer service should be upgraded

6. 1&1 IONOS

Surely, this is one powerhouse when it comes to offering web hosting services. It has partnered with GoDaddy to dominate the world of web hosting. Being situated in Germany, it offers so many services at a cheap price of $1/month. Note that this price is just for the first month and the renewal fee is much higher. It is the biggest and the largest player in Europe. Wow, that is something, isn’t it?

Know what attracted me in the first place? The freebies that come along with the already amazing plans. You will get the following free services:

  • Domain
  • Web design software
  • Graphic archive
  • SSL certificate
  • Transparent replication of the website
  • 24/7 email support
  • 300 GPBS connectivity for your network
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Want to know the best of all? You get a free personal consultant. Now you can learn and get help from the best of the best. This is a great touch which others don’t offer. At the end of the day, it is a very wallet-friendly option to look out for.

7. Namecheap

Are you looking for a heavyweight, budget-friendly plan? For the cheapest plans on the market, opt for Namecheap and you will be completely satisfied. The initial first-year discount is a keeper if your aim is to go for a budget-friendly option. But, as you know all good things come with a price and so the “value option” has its limitations. With this plan, you easily get 20GB of disk space and a total of 30 email accounts. To some, this may sound rather limited, but for medium and small scale businesses / individuals, it is more than enough. To avail yourself of this option, you need to go for the two-year plan. Overall, this will cost you $1.44/month.

With 99.9% uptime, the performance is decent. The sign-up process is simple. Moreover, you get a welcome email which helps you to easily complete all the requirements and steps to get your website up and running.

Unlike its competitors, Namecheap provides very good uptime, has a *-*knowledgeable customer base, and has many affordable packages. The three different plans are

  • Stellar Business @ $8.88/month
  • Stellar Plus @ $4.88/month
  • Stellar @ 2.88.month

8. UK2

UK2 offers a plethora of different web hosting services ranging from WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, web hosting, and cloud hosting. Better still, these  start from as little as $2.60/month. Even though this may seem ample, UK2 also provides better options for a higher price range. The unlimited package gives you a free dedicated IP address, unlimited storage and bandwidth, SSL certificate, and many extra features. 

Clients appreciate the transparency and the fact that you get exactly what you pay for. Moreover, the 24/7 customer support is a delightful experience. Additionally, there are  many different packages to choose from.

9. TsoHost Shared Web Hosting

This web hosting company has something for everyone. It plays the value card and is using it well. The “economy shared hosting plan” is jam-packed with different features. It is starting from $5.30/month. Oh, does that sound a little too much? Well, for the features it is providing, it is a good deal. You get 100 GB of storage along with an unlimited amount of bandwidth. Also, it comes with 100 mailboxes.

The only downside is the slow technical support. However, despite being slow, the information provided is up to the mark and does not leave any ambiguity. All the answers are top notch and informative. TsoHost currently offers three plans. These include:

  • TSOHost Business @$12/month
  • TSOHost Startup @$5/month
  • TSOHost E-commerce @$34/month

10. SiteGround Shared Web Hosting

Plans offered by SiteGround may seem expensive when compared to the others in our review, but they do offer services which others do not. The start-up cost is $6.99/month. Yes, that does seem a lot when you look at the price alone, but considering the features it offers, it is worth the money. You get:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • Database access
  • Email access
  • One-click installation for WordPress
  • SuperCacher system
  • Cloudflare and many more.

But again, there are some limitations. You only get 10GB of webspace. Also, the technical support is not up to the mark.

How We Determine The Best Shared Web Hosting

Now that we know what shared hosting is, let’s see how to decide which host to go for. The most important question here is how to select a few companies out of the hundreds offering this service on the internet. So, we made a criterion on which we analysed all the companies we came across and shortlisted the 10 best ones.  Our criterion included: 

  • Performance
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Security


Of course we did not expect the shared servers to give the same performance as a dedicated or a private one. Still, we were looking for decent performance. Sadly, most of the companies we came across did not even give a fair performance. Some of the servers hardly loaded, there were some serious lag issues and even if the site loaded, the graphics were very bad.

Surprisingly, a few of them performed so well that we were pleasantly surprised.  They gave a top-notch performance, excellent loading time, no lag issues and quick setup.

Value for Money 

Even though shared hosting plans are the cheapest out of all the hosting types, we have to keep an eye out for the price tag. At times, the cheapest plans outperform others while the best plans don’t perform well. For this, we have a little trick up our sleeve. What we do is that we look at the features that are being provided by the host and then look at the price tag. If we think the price does justice to the features being offered, we shortlist that server.

Ease of Use

This is very important. It is no use buying the best plan and going to the best host if using it is not easy. Hence, ease of use tops our list of the features we were looking for.


If you have any thoughts on shared hosting, you’ll know the biggest issue one can face is the threat to security. A website you are sharing the host with can easily send any virus or malware to your website. Hence, choosing a plan with more security features is a good idea.

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

Simply put, it means that you share a server with other websites/clients. There is one physical server and all the websites get their resources from there. All the websites are feeding on one single server. As can be clearly seen, it is very cost-effective. Everyone is sharing resources as well as the cost of those resources. For instance, a dedicated server hosting plan is going to cost you $100/month. You are a new venture and don’t want to spend so much, so going to shared hosting is a wise decision here. If four people want to share the server with you, it will cost each person only $20. Thus, you can see how it works.

But there is a downside to it too. If five people are sharing resources and you are getting 100MB RAM, between you, you will each get 20MB RAM per website. So, from 100MB down to 20MB is a big difference. Also, the overall performance of the server will not be the same as a private or dedicated one.

If you are a relatively small or medium-sized site, this will not pose a problem for you as less traffic means less load on the site. Hence, the site can perform well with fewer resources. But, if you are a site with more traffic, this could be problematic as you’ll  require greater bandwidth and storage as well as RAM.

Therefore, there is an obvious trade-off in terms of priority. Cost-effectiveness or greater resources? For starters, this is the best route you can take to make an entry in the online world.


If you are looking to make a debut online presence or hosting your website online, the best shared web hosting is the plan of action for you. Every web host has a different plan which they offer and there are many web host providers. Some provide the same services at different prices, while others provide extra features.  Hence, you need to choose the plan that caters to your needs and demands. We have made things easier for you by rounding up all the features each web host is providing along with pros and cons of each plan so you can make a wise decision.