Best Web Hosting Services Providers 2021


With 2021 only days away, a lot of new year’s revolution will highlight opening a new online business, which means you’ll need to find the best web hosting for you, to for-fill this for you, ending in completing your 2021 goals with your new online business.

From uptime to bandwidth we’re constantly reviewing and re-reviewing all the types of web hosting providers to ensure that your business or blog is online constantly and at the best. We’re looking at well over 100 web hosting providers when taking the best into consideration.

Below you can find a full summary of all the top web hosting providers and each strength that they have and also each host’s pricing and renewal prices, which are always sneaky. You can find your ideal web hosting provider below: [no_toc]

10 Best Web Hosting Companies December 2021

Tips Before Choosing The Best Web Hosting 

Hosting Tip #1 – Look At Speed

Speed is probably one of the most important features when it comes to web hosting, this is because if you have a slow page, you’ll end up with users bouncing off your site.

The above also applies to SEO, web hosting can be an important feature when it comes to optimizing your website for search rankings.

If you’re on a tight budget, there may be an option like Hostinger, that can deliver good speeds for under $8/mo on their shared hosting plans.

But, you’ll be able to take a look at our experience down below for speed and uptime of each of the above and below web hosting options.

Hosting Tip #2 – Ignore Free Web Hosting 

For pretty much all website owners, free website hosting is fairly useless, it comes with ads and isn’t worth it.

Web hosting isn’t where you should want to save money, worry about generating revenue, and making profits, the better the hosting the better experience and thus your conversions will go up.

The only reason you should directly use free web hosting is for a small event or even a game server or something with extremely low traffic, something like GoogleSites or uCraft will do, or even Weebly.

You shouldn’t really go for free web hosting, but if you have no budget, take a look at my article about free web hosting providers. Some of these hosting providers have tiny package prices, so free hosting isn’t particularly needed.

Hosting Tip #3 – Don’t Ignore Customer Support

Customer support isn’t something that should be ignored. If you’re an experienced website manager and developer, you won’t really use customer support, but if you’re a starter you may interact with customer support a lot.

Sometimes comparison websites won’t highlight the fact of negative reviews, so we’d recommend you use customer support prior to the end of your trial period, usually 30 days and sometimes ranging to 97 days.

Hosting Tip #4 – Pricing Tricks

Plenty of web hosting providers are known for pricing tricks and offer very low introductory prices and once that period ends you’ll be hit with a large renewal fee, if you signup for 24, 36, and 48 months you won’t be hit for a renewal fee after this period. Always look for a renewal fee and how much it’ll cost after this fee to save you from changing your web hosting provider.

HostGator web hosting

1. HostGator Web Hosting – Best Option for Startups

Top Host
HostGator Web Hosting
Starting at $2.79/mo

Host Gator is renowned for it's great prices, performance and great customizability with cPanel. HostGator as also some of the best features in terms of shared hosting and freebies like SSL and domain names

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HostGator by far delivers the best web hosting experience and is definitely the best web host currently available, overall. Domains to dedicated hosting, HostGator has it all, with competitive prices and guarantees a 99.9% uptime and applies to all types of hosting available.

This web hosting company all together has great standard plans, Hatchling, Baby, and Business. And, the business plan comes with free SSL, but if you’re looking for Hatchling or Baby, you’ll need to get an SSL certificate add-on.

Money Back

Disk SpaceBandwidth

Free Domain

30 Days10GB 10k Visitors/moYes

When purchasing with HostGator, you’ll find that the more you spend the more you’ll get out of your money. We can assure you that this hosting provider is of top quality and is used by tens of thousands each day. HostGator also has 24/7 support, with 99.99% uptime (Year-round average) – While also having a comprehensive knowledge base available on their website. And according to our last 24-month data, HostGator has a 99.99% uptime with a 399ms average speed, making it one of the strongest contenders in the hosting space. had tested HostGator’s claims of 99.9% uptime and 399ms speeds, with them passing every time.

And, another bonus, a 45-day money-back guarantee.

There are some pretty shady reviews of HostGator, but we’ve had some fairly good experiences with HostGator and is great for scaling a business, from cloud hosting to VPS hosting, with all this, we’d recommend using the 45-day money-back guarantee with HostGator.

BlueHost Best Web Host

2. Blue Host  – Best Shared & VPS Hosting

Starting at $2.75/mo

BlueHost is one of the top web hosting providers currently available and provides the best services in the competition. Delivering performance, security, customer service, and reliablity.

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And taking second place, BlueHost a Utah-based web hosting provider and is almost two decades old with plenty of experience and is known for being a great contender in the web hosting space, and is now owned by Endurance International Group which is responsible for millions of websites all over the world.

And for pricing, BlueHost provides shared hosting from $2.75/mo based on a 36-month contract with WordPress plans (Recommended by WordPress) starting at $20/mo. You’ll get an automated setup for WordPress and big apps like Mojo marketplace, cPanel-based area to allow expert users to tweak things.

For website builders, BlueHost offers a Weebly-based website builder. Weebly is one of the most basic website builders and lets you create a website quite easily without any technical knowledge, just design, and you’ll get this builder on its basic plans.

BlueHost is also known for its great customer support, and plenty of tools like a site migration tool and also an SEO tool suite, and plenty of other features to set up your next website.

The SEO tool quite scores and tracks how well your website is ranking currently for specific terms and gives you an idea of SEO optimizations you need to make to better your search rankings.

Everything that is needed from BlueHost is accessible from beginners to more advanced users that need more customizability, from shared hosting plans all the way up to dedicated hosting.

Cloudways Review

3. Cloudways – Best cloud web hosting

Starting at $10.00/mo

Cloudways is a middle path between plenty of some of the most known cloud hosting services on the planet, like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. You can setup a website on Cloudways from $10.00/mo

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The Malta-based cloud web hosting provider was established in 2011 with the constant blog and job updates with both offering state-of-the-art features and trendy new updates to stay on top of any new features currently offered by a niche amount of providers.

Cloudways is merely a manager of the web hosting for you, it has contracts between plenty of the best cloud hosting services such as Vultur, GCP to AWS and does it on a cheaper level. Since they have access to data centers from AWS, Vultur, GCP, and plenty others they have by far more data centers than any other web host currently available, amounting to nearly 70 data centers worldwide.

Cloudways to definitely geared to more experienced users,  and lets you choose from plenty of cloud hosting providers from one to five of the most well-known cloud hosting providers. They also provide you with their own features and customizations while offering more data centers than you’d normally get.

Pricing starts between $10/mo all the way up to $11,000/mo, from Digital Ocean to Amazon Web Services. Pricing is more on the heavy side compared to some of the other web hosts, however, CloudWays performance is beyond belief.

Cloudways reviews of performance

As you can see, plenty of users have seen plenty of performance upgrades from switching from other web hosts to Cloudways, we’d highly recommend Cloudways to be a choice.

4. Hostinger – Best budget friendly web hosting provider


Hostinger has provided one of the top web hosting services on the planet, with plenty of options to choose from, Hostinger has been awarded one of the best shared hosting providers as well as VPS.

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Hostinger is a massively cheap competitor in the web hosting industry. You can get seriously low rates for hosting with Hostinger, so don’t miss out. They also run a separate brand, 000webhosting, which offers real free web hosting options.

They have a $0.99/month plan, yes less than one dollar a month.

Although these are promotions, you won’t get this constantly for $0.99/month after renewal, but if you sign up for two years you’ll basically get 2 years of web hosting for $0.99/PCM.

One of the best parts of Hostinger is that it doesn’t act like ‘cheap’ web hosting, overall it feels premium. Hostinger also has clearly fake countdown timers to intensify FOMO, but it isn’t as annoying as GoDaddy, with constant emails after you add a product to your basket.

For example, their basic cloud hosting plan starts with 100GB of SSD storage and 3GB of Ram with 2 CPU cores. The top-end plan ‘Cloud Global’ starts at 200GB of SSD storage, 16GB of RAM, and 6 CPU cores. And also comes with a free SSL certificate.

Hostinger has 24/7 support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with great site speed, an awful lot for $0.99/month huh?

5. SiteGround – Best for e-commerce websites

SiteGround is one of the three recommended hosting providers by WordPress. And WordPress hosting is built straight into SiteGround’s hosting plans, you’ll get all the standard updates, security, and expert support from WordPress with SiteGround.

SiteGround is often referred to as one of the best web hosting providers in the community and has a wide range of raving reviews and a massive fanbase.

The host is often known for its blazing fast servers and excellent security, with constant updates.

The ‘GoGeek’ Plan is constantly talked about with its developer tools and Git repo creation, which to small business and personal website developers will find confusing but for larger more complicated websites, this will be useful, SiteGround provides quality hosting for everyone.

SiteGrounds customer support is 24/7 across all their channels such as phone calls, live chat emails, and it’s knowledge base. And also have a 30 trial period, which is fair for evaluating a hosting provider.

Looking at prices, it’s the lowest plan for shared hosting that starts at $4/pcm to $12 while it’s the highest plan starts at $12/pcm and jumps to $35.

And looking at reviews on TrustPilot and other review platforms like, it highlights the jumps in prices and constant changes to pricing.

6. Green Geeks – Best for eco-friendly businesses

GreenGeeks is a web hosting provider that uses “green” eco-friendly energy to power its servers and hosting plans. It was established in 2008 in California and it by far the best green web hosting provider currently available. GreenGeeks promises to be 300% green, and that’s great to hear if you’re into saving the environment.

This green web hosting provider claims that they’re the top eco web hosting service, and they’d be well within their right to say that, GreenGeeks pushes 3 amps of green renewable energy per 1 amp of energry used from the grid. They do this by donating to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Looking at GreenGeek’s plan ranges, it isn’t that great all together. You’ve got so fairly standard products like shared hosting, email hosting services, VPS, cloud, and also dedicated hosting, and all together (Excluding shared hosting) isn’t that great.

Their shared hosting plan is great, with unlimited websites, email accounts, databases, free domains, Cloudflare integration, backups, and plenty of one-click installs, simple website builders plenty of support. So if you’re into shared hosting, Green Geeks is possible one of that.

And if you’re going to dedicate yourself to Green Geeks, you’ll see decreases in pricing. From $2.95/mo and $9.95/mo on renewal with a 30-day money-back guarantee to be able to test GreenGeeks yourself.

7. WP Engine – Recommended for more bloggers using WordPress

WP Engine is the dominant hosting provider for the best WordPress hosting, and it’s designed to be.

The lowest plan with WP Engine starts at $30/mo and that’s only for 10GB and 25,000 visitors a month, which is fairly pricey. Packages go up to $290/mo.

If you’re looking for a blazing fast WordPress website, WP Engine is completely designed to do this, it’s pricey but can be one of the best options for solely WordPress hosts with a large budge. And with basically no down-time and instant automatic updates.

And with every web host featured in our list, customer support is a big thing for WP Engine, all employees and support staff are clearly trained in technical issues and are very competent, with tracked tickets, getting support from WP Engine is easy.

In the conclusion of WP Engine, the price is high for hosting, but if you’re on a high budget and want state-of-the-art WordPress hosting WP Engine is your choice. And generally, WP Engine is easy for those that don’t want to be dealing with the technical part of hosting and managing it.

8. DreamHost – Best Email Hosting Provider

One of our favorite dedicated hosting providers, DreamHost is a bit of an ‘off the records’ hosting provider, but it’s still loved by quite a hew in the community.

Like most hosting providers that use cPanel, DreamHost doesn’t. So, DreamHost built it’s own custom control panel that you’ll use to develop and manage your website. After, DreamHost should appeal to some expert users that want to use some of their features.

No Windows-based servers is a con to DreamHost, lots of more complicated website owners will want Windows-based servers due to its array of benefits.

But ignoring the lack of windows-based servers, DreamHost offers shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting and low-cost upgrades to ‘VPS’ as well as cloud hosting. And their VPS plans start at $10/mo, which is great.

DreamHost is another WordPress recommended hosting provider. Its plans start at $3/mo if you’re paying annually, and if you want an email with the domain, it’ll be $8/mo.  And the trial period is something out of this world.

In terms of support, DreamHost has fairly bog-standard support, email support is generally available 24/7, however, if you have to pay $9.95 if you want extended customer support, but some plans have this included such as DreamPress Plus or Pro.

9. Liquid Web

From WooCommerce to WordPress Liquid Web ensures the highest of quality managed hosting solutions and also supports VPS, dedicated hosting, email hosting and so much more.

Plans from Liquid Web are more than what you’d of thought of such an unknown host. Not only does Liquid web automatically update WordPress, but it also individually updates plugins in a separate environment to test for any malware or issues.

VPS and dedicated server hosting plans are jam-packed with plenty of managed web hosting features. Liquid web also owns it own data centers and great network infrastructure to ensure the perfect bandwidth and also has key software and supported clients.

Liquid Web doesn’t exactly stand as a cheap web hosting provider, but for the highest quality web hosting, be assured you’ll be paying for the top service you can find on the internet, including highly advanced server hardware and so much more from this web host.

10. iPage

iPage comes with some great server response times and uptimes and is quite cheap for any hosting provider. And this web host is great for those wanting to set up a small website.

This web hosting services provider has a decent reputation and great for performance and price. Also, you get a free domain name. iPage also allows you to host unlimited domains, even on their cheapest plan, so developing large amounts of small sites is very easy.

For pricing, iPage’s VPS hosting plan standard plan with 1 core, 1GB of Ram, and 40GB of storage with a decent 1TB bandwidth is priced at $19.99/mo and renewing at $24.99/mo, which is fairly heavy for the specs but you get sate of the art features and decent performance.

With dedicated hosting, you can find their lowest plan at $119.99/mo for the startup plan with a renewal of $149.99/mo and gets you 2 core CPU 4GB of RAM and 400GB disk space, something like Hetzner provides up to 6x the specs for the same price.

The best web hosting provider in 2021?

Currently, the competition between HostGator and BlueHost is tense, each host is providing more and more hardware upgrades and more advanced software. Both offering great value for money as well as both being recommended by WordPress and free SSL certificates, free domains and money-back guarantees, and plenty of other great features.

Paid vs Free Web Hosting?

Freebies and free stuff are always loved, and it’s the same with web hosting and it’s become more and more popular. Unless you’re wanting to experiment or set up a simple blog, free web hosting is useless, and we suggest you not choosing a free web hosting service.

And if you’re wanting to stay on a budget the best cheap web hosting is ideal for you, packages can start at $2.00/mo with longer contracts.

How many web hosting services are there?

Types of web hosting vary, the most popular being shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting is the most expensive option for larger websites. And more up to date hosting types like cloud hosting and WordPress specific hosting.