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Alyx Cherry

As the clock ticks, a new invention creates a massive space in the market. In the technology world, web hosting companies provide maximum support to increase growth.  In 1997, a German web hosting company, Hetzner Online Services, was founded. Providing web hosting services, dedicated servers, VPS hosting and domain names, they also launched a server auction site with a starting rate of €28.27 where users are able to rent older servers. Hetzner’s data centres in Germany and Austria provide simple web hosting for both beginners and established businesses, starting at the cost of €1.85.

Hetzner Online Hosting
Starting at €1.85/mo

Hetzner Online is one of the top dedicated server providers currently available. While reviewing Hetzner Online, we found that their VPS and Dedicated hosting plans were beyond excellent.

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One feature I find particularly appealing is the domain it provides to its users. For the low cost of  €8.86, Hetzner enables users to create their own URL, which is a most helpful addition as ultimately domain and web hosting will be in the same place.

Hetzner is one of our favourite VPS /dedicated hosting companies, and we personally use them to host this website. There’s zero downtime, excellent performance, and great prices.

Features Overview

  • Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Managed Servers
  • Colocation
  • Storage Box
  • Domain Registration
  • SSL Certificates

Hetzner provides you with managed servers to give you a stress-free server connection and storage boxes to access your storage remotely via your phone. Ideal if you have a strategy already in place and need little assistance, as the lack of comprehensive guidelines could make it difficult for beginners to work with.

Hetzner’s straightforward and infallible system provides limited guidelines and comprehensive details. When creating an account, it requests basic details including name, organisation, VAT number, address, and phone number. These personal details offer helpful hints while you type making the process simple to navigate. After set up is complete, you receive a personal client number to use when logging in on your screen and in email.

A control panel known as a console enables you to view the packages available and continue your purchase. Package prices listed exclude VAT.

Hetzner is a preferred choice for energy efficiency. With a lean data centre comprising a  high-density design, it enables you to receive the largest amount of processing power from the tiniest amount of space. The benefit of this low maintenance efficiency is evidenced through reduced cost rates.

Although Hetzner does not provide a full operating guide, it is self-explanatory if you have prior knowledge and experience of similar systems. Once on board and up and running, the procedure is easy to work with.

If you wish to run multiple websites or you’re a developer with several clients, you can save money by subscribing to the volume plan.

After the purchase is completed, the red and white control panel gives a sharp, crisp appearance, motivating you to begin work. With the konsoleH control panel, WordPress installation is merely a click away, which is another interesting feature. Furthermore, DDoS protection continually detects DDoS attacks, its strong ability to recognise these are noted as the dynamic DDoS protection goes into action and filters out the attack.

Cost and Pricing

Hetzner’s various deals and packages are competitively priced and provides a choice of four operating versions ranging from basic to upgraded, depending on user requirements.


  • Starting at €1.85
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 10 GB disk space
  • Free email support
  • One domain included
  • 100 mal accounts
  • Daily backup of the user account
  • Configurable spam filter
  • Virus scanner for emails

Description:  This is a great basic package suitable for beginners – with sufficient disk space and ample space for creativity.


  • Starting at €4.58
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 50 GB disk space
  • 200 email accounts
  • 30 FTP access
  • 10 Databases
  • Five add on domains

Description: Level 4 incorporates specialised features at a reasonable price. This includes autoresponders, 10 of your databases, and is WordPress compatible. Level 4 gives a cancellation period of 30 days.


  • One domain included
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 300 Gb disk space
  • 50 Add on Domains
  • 20 Databases

Description: This package is ideal for those who wish to produce originality. With up to 50 FTP and 800 subdomains, it provides both a productive layout and DDoS protection.


  • Unlimited traffic
  • 300 GB disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited databases

Description: Level 19 is perfect for those seeking unlimited traffic, email accounts and databases. This premium package gives sufficient range to effortlessly explore and create with unlimited subdomains, mailboxes, databases, and up to 400 GB of storage.








25 GB

1 GB




50 GB

2 GB




100 GB

4 GB




200 GB

8 GB




400 GB

16 GB




600 GB

32 GB



Performance & Load Time results

In a speed test, Hetzner’s site took approximately 1.3 seconds to fully load when compared to other sites that provided slower access.

Pros and Cons with Hetzner Online



All plans contain SSL Certificates

No trial periods

Variety of features

No refunds

Detailed analyses

One-off setup fee

Cheap Prices

Poor customer support

Customer Support

While Hetzner neither provides comprehensive guidelines on how to use its packages nor defines features in detail, it does offer support in various ways, including wiki which covers a variety of common issues together with a basic guide. However, the Level 1 package does not have include 24/7 free phone support whereas the other three packages do provide this. The Hetzner based online community provides a tutorial guide to users.

Web Hosting Competition

What makes Hetzner stand out from competitors is its price. Cheaper than BlueHost and some of the more prominent web hosting providers, but BlueHost does have substantial offers.

In terms of shared web hosting, BlueHost and InMotion Hosting are preferable choices with their SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, fastest speeds, and modern and fast methods of support.

Whereas HostGator is well suited to more beginners than Hetzner as they lean towards dedicated and VPS hosting options. But, Hostgator has slightly less value for money in terms of performance and uptime.

Hetzner Online Reviews from Customers

Anonymous: Over the last five years, I have been using Hetzner and their dedicated Cloud servers. It has been a value for money service.  The best I find is the VPS that I am currently hooked to. It has a firm grip with a solid foundation. Great uptime. Something I would like them to improve is their management but of course, the service given is pretty decent.

Ben K: If I would provide a concise Hetzner online review, I’d say this web hosting company is great. at 17:00, I reached out to customer support and they held it till Monday 9:00. Then I got another Hetzner for the same cost and a better server, but with time the disk went down. Reached out for the support again and requested another one and they replaced another at 3:00 in the morning, no extra or hidden charges were taken. The service was excellent. I cannot find a better provider of the same price and quality. So I am a happy user.

Peter G: I bought VPS with Hetzner and found the setup to be a bit confusing. The support is unhelpful and sarcastic.

Hetzner Review Summary

Looking at the variety of web hosting providers we have and the services they offer, Hetzner offers a reliable and decent range of features, but it does not provide valuable customer support, which I feel is a downside considering that we can get more for a similar rate with BlueHost or Hostgator. My verdict is it is preferable to go for others with one-step-ahead customer support, although obviously for experienced web developers this is of lesser importance.

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