HostRocket Review

James Kramer

This New York web hosting company started in 1999 and focused on providing the best service possible. To date, with its own data centres it has managed to stretch over 50,000 websites. HostRocket provides web hosting facilities with the objective of innovation, support, and accessibility. It has reshaped the web with its prominent presence, however, its aged website doesn’t do it any favours. 

HostRocket Features

  • 24/7 support
  • Linux
  • Uptime guarantee
  • CenOs
  • Phone support
  • Dedicated server

HostRocket’s website doesn’t seem overly appealing, with an outdated and an old fashioned look. However, it’s not only the look of the website which appears outdated. HostRocket has features that haven’t been upgraded, like Shared Hosting plans, Virtual Private Servers VPS, Reseller Hosting packages, and Dedicated Servers plans. There are a number of features that still belong to ancient times.

The HostRocket’s starter website hosting packages offer unlimited storage and bandwidth with unlimited email accounts at the cost of $5.99 monthly. This is a great deal with a free website builder, RVSiteBuilder, but it comes with a few concerns.  HostRocket obligates you in paying for the first year upfront to get the advertised price (If you don’t sign up for a year, you’ll pay a higher price) and you can choose to set a monthly package and a six-month plan to subscribe to at the cost of $29.99.

HostRocket’s SSD Shared Hosting package comes up with features like speedy SSD RAID storage with cramped storage space, and also great bandwidth.

The baseline SSD Premium package lets you have 5GB SSD Storage with 200 GB monthly bandwidth and only one free domain name for $9.98 a month. All these are for a two-year programme that you might want to sign up to, although there is no setup fee asked for on shorter subscriptions. 

Products like Virtual Private Server start at a monthly cost of $39.95 and dedicated hosting starts at the rate of $119. These prices seem to be reasonable but HostRockets’ outdated website shows that they provide site hosting that supports PHP 5 while the technology was upgraded and many companies provide PHP7. It also shows that the PHP is not well maintained and hasn’t fixed a bug since 2013. Competitors like DreamHost and Hetzner Online are supporting PHP7. This is because HostRocket hasn’t updated any sections of its website for a very long time now. It has neglected a large part of its website, making us wonder about the reasoning for this. 

HostRocket Plans

If you want to sign up to HostRocket, a free trial plan promises a 30-day money back guarantee. and will return your funds if you decide to cancel it. This hassle-free plan enables you to experience HostRocket without worrying about money. HostRocket claims that for cancelling at any time of the month, you should immediately close your account and get your money back.

Setting up an account with HostRocket

With HostRocket, finding the right plan for you might be a difficult choice. There is a wide variety of products with a stretched range of features and therefore selecting the right choice may be hard. As previously stated, HostRocket’s website doesn’t provide a total price for its various billing plans, nor do they offer a user-friendly way to compare their products.  Owing to the outdated version of the website, you have to do the maths yourself or you can click on the ‘Buy Now’ option to see what exactly you need to pay for.

After this, you are given two choices of data centre:  New York or Chicago. If your target audience is close to these two cities, this is beneficial for you and will make  close to no difference in terms of service.

After you proceed further, HostRocket asks for details like contact name, company you are associated with, your email address, office address, and your phone number. These details enable them set up your account with security. Later your phone number is used for sending you SMS alerts to receive notifications about any new opening they might have or any concerns they wish to bring to your attention. This is a great way of informing your clients about everything happening at the company. 

HostRocket allows you to pay via credit / debit cards while also allowing you to easily turn off recurring billing, in case you don’t wish it to automatically take payments.

After the form is completed and the payments are processed, an acknowledgement page is displayed. Later, you will receive a welcome email which enables you to log in to your web console. In our case, we were greeted with a Danish interface, which obviously causes problems.

When setting up our HostRocket account, our first concern was to test the support team, and obviously was a coincidence that our panel was in Danish, so spontaneously we raised a ticket. A response email arrived in less than eight minutes stating that HostRocket had made changes to our control panel and the interfere was changed into English. The duration of time between raising a ticket and changes being made was impressive.  

HostRocket commits to providing three free months with an annual plan. but this wasn’t included in our package. We thought that we may receive 15 months for the total price of 12 months. However, there wasn’t any extra months provided, as stated on their website.

Creating an Account

The accounts on HostRockets are set up manually, which delays you from accessing your webspace. This is rather annoying because instant activation makes you want to start right away and it takes about 90 minutes to set up properly. Logging into the HostRocket site, an account management screen displays plans, domain, invoices, and much more. The RVSSite Builder on a shared account is a tool that lets you build a library of personalised templates. 

The Cpanel after the login directly manages everything on your website. It has outstanding Softaculous to install WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, and many other popular applications.

Uptime & Performance

HostRockets offers a crystal clear and very straightforward support menu with links for managing accounts and web knowledgebase with an option of submitting a ticket. The email and ticket customer support are 24/7. No live chat and telephone customer support are provided for the dedicated hosting plans and the reseller hosting packages.

The strong knowledgebase has up to 300 articles categorised into options for solving potential queries. cPanel, Domain Registration, Email, Frequently Asked Questions, and website development are all described in detail. There are comprehensive troubleshooting answers which assists users.  

The articles are based on content which expand basic knowledge. Screenshots and technical information are limited.  If the knowledgebase isn’t helpful to you can easily email HostRocket and ask for a support agent.  With a lot of room for improvement and growth, the information asked on the website is fairly limited. For instance, if you want to change your PHP version and settings, you are not asked why you would want to do this, alternative options or told about the impact it might cause you. It doesn’t inquire about anything in detail.  It would be worth enhancing these features to provide greater clarity. Furthermore, the knowledge base categories like cPanel Help, Direct Admin sale, and billing provide details of each subject. 

Tutorials for WHM, web host manager, and manage a server through Web Host Manager for root and reseller users are available. Tutorials on the most popular community, WordPress are also available proving maximum information for you. A separate section is made containing the most popular articles on the website link, such as how to upload files on the website, creating email accounts, or accessing your cPanel, all giving comprehensive detail in answering queries. The most popular articles section comes in handy should you want a quick guideline without suffering any stress.

In a performance speed test, HostRocket had an above-average result which is acceptable for a budget shared hosting plan.


Good uptimeSetup fee for 1 month and  month packages
Speedy support serviceSome features they commit to having aren’t available
Affordable ratesTechnical problems
The website needs to be updated

Are There any Alternatives to HostRocket?

The outdated HostRocket website led me to consider alternatives. web hosting has an eye-catching website and self-explanatory features which provide a broad margin for users. Another award-winning competitor, GoDaddy, provides 24/7 security against DDoS attacks and has a 1 GB database storage. 

HostRocket Reviews from Customers

I have been a user of HotRocket for about three years. Only once was the server disconnected and it took quite a long time to find out the reason from the customer support team. They answered my request slowly and it turned out that the server was damaged. This accident resulted in a loss of four days without any data and then I was informed they were offering compensation of only one week free. What a shame!

In my opinion, HostRocket is only suitable for the prices they offer. It doesn’t seem as if they are familiar with features like dedicated hosting, but nonetheless, the shared hosting is fairly cheap. I think HostRocket provides you with enough for the charges, which makes it seem fair. I wouldn’t recommend HostRocket if you have a large business, but for a developer or a designer it has sufficient space for you to innovate.

My experience with HostRocket was stressful as it was really difficult for me to get my account closed. They did not send an email before renewing the package and I was only aware of this after seeing the deduction from my bank account. Most large  companies inform you before the renewal date. 

I was recommended by a friend to use HostRocket in 2000 and since then I have never been sorry. The prices are cheap and the features improve with great potential.  I have also recommended them to my clients because I am really impressed with them. However, my only complaint is that they don’t provide .ca domains.

I recently saw their review comment on the customer service and I must say that the email system of customer support service works amazingly. The performance is brilliant. HostRocket are so good at sorting things out and providing the customer with a satisfactory performance. It has a highly professional team on board that sorts out basic to complex queries, but I think their phone system needs improvement. It is not perfect and could be a lot better. 

HostRocket has been outstanding with the web hosting service it has provided me with, but suddenly it was unable to handle simple features like basic email services. Although the rest seemed fine. With the frequent delays that are happening at Host Rocket these days, I don’t think they have an idea that some of their clients run their e- business with them and the delays are really affecting their growth. I have more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and I can totally relate to the complexities that running a data server involves. I understand how difficult it is for them to manage the load but if they can’t keep track of their systems, they will surely lose some of their hard-working clients.


HostRocket is a sufficient web hosting company. It has decent shared web hosting which costs a fair amount of money, but there are red flags. For instance, it should keep to its promises. There is no call-support or live chat service available, yet Hostinger has this feature, and therefore this is a drawback as you are kept on hold rather than receiving spontaneous replies. The outdated website, with no descriptions or proper package details, doesn’t reflect HostRocket in a good light.