InMotion Review

Andy V

InMotion Hosting is possibly one of the top names in the web hosting world. If you’re into blogging, or even a large business looking to set up a website, InMotion is possibly your place to start. Known for reliable and quality hosting, InMotion has a large quantity of customers and plenty of services.


InMotion delivers one of the best shared hosting as well as one of the best dedicated hosting plans with great prices which include plenty of features and benefits to suit any web hosting provider.

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Now, in our detailed InMotion review, we’ll take a look at their packages and services such as dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, and shared hosting plans.

We’ll review InMotion using this criteria:

  • Uptime/Performance
  • Customer support
  • Packages and Pricing
  • Features
  • Security

And before we get fully started, and interested in more features, and cheaper prices, take a look at HostGator’s Business Plan, which has unlimited domains, email addresses, and unlimited storage all starting at $3.95/mo, and a renewing period of $9.95/mo.

Who Are InMotion?

InMotion Hosting was founded in 2001 and with a great marketing strategy amassed over 300,000 global customers with offices established in Los Angeles and Virgina Beach and also manages Web Hosting Hub.

InMotion offers great prices and plans for WordPress and other platforms like Joomla.

InMotion Hosting Features

Starts at $3.49/monthly
Free Backups
Variety of packages to choose from
WordPress Hosting is available.
Great customer support

InMotion guarantees to offer enhanced execution of features while conveying a tough call to other shared hosting companies. InMotion allows a free website transfer so if your website is hosted in another place it will shift it for you with no additional cost.

Unlike some web hosting companies that do not offer SSD storage and price more for it, InMotion hosting comes up with SSD storage drives making your website load quicker, as standard.

Another exciting feature is that it gives a three-step medium for connecting with Google Applications. A hassle-free google application integration setting to use your new domain with Email, Drive, and Google Drive. This is an excellent approach to quickly do it without being burned out and frustrated.

InMotion has gone the hew extra miles to meet most people’s requirements. The advanced features like managed VPS hosting comes up with automated security updates and server management. 

An appealing feature is the unbelievable free data backups while most web hosting companies charge additionally for them, InMotion allows free data backup.

InMotion highlights yet another exciting feature that is the custom cache manager that grants you full command over the caching process so you can optimize it according to the necessities of your website. The cache manager for the control panel offers a scale of features to speed up the loading time. 

inMotion presents an Account Management Panel that is a nice-looking web console that has everything you need to maintain your webspace. payment details, password changing options, managing domains, etc are located at the account management panel with eye-catching appearances. The website icons are exceeding editing records, allowing you to install WordPress and manage SSL ensuring privacy.

I am unpleased by the lack of thought on the account management and billing panel is. I feel operating on it takes longer and consumes time. For instance, if you prefer to check the notifications on your account, you need to click on the link to display a popup message, then you have to close the popup to proceed further and go back to the previous page again. it could have been simpler to display notifications and pop-ups directly from the main page. 

Once you get used to the account management panel, it doesn’t really bother you. Also, another trick is that if you bookmark the control panel and directly launch it, you can simply avoid the account management panel altogether.

InMotion Hosting’s Security

InMotion by far surpasses this category by protecting against any attacks of threats with plenty of security features.

 High-performance security protects the website against DDoS attacks. If by any chance your server gets attacked, InMotion will compensate for it and get your website back online. It also offers a custom firewall so that you can configure your firewall and give it the exact security without locking out any approved users. The control panel has a cluster of security tools to help you safeguard the website easily. 

InMotion Hosting’s 99.99% Uptime/Performance

Uptime is a prominent feature when you are choosing the right web hosting service. In a speed performance test, the results of InMotion were phenomenal. It performed impressively with an uptime guaranty of 100%.

Last 2019-2020 average uptime:

Date:Average uptime
March 2019100%
February 202099.99%
January 2020100%
December 2019100%
November 201999.75%
October 201999.99%
September 2019100%
August 201999.74%
July 201999.995%
June 201999.95%
May 201999.99%
April 201999.98%
March 2019100%
February 201999.98%

InMotion’s Customer Support and Service

InMotion proposes a customer assistance center that administers extensive articles and solutions so if your hosting plan isn’t operating as you would assume it, you can view the content they render. Furthermore, inMotion also declares to train the customer support team with 160 hours of training to learn about all the professional ethics. How to deal with email clients, how to answer queries etc.

The commonly asked questions, product examples, and tutorials are registered under divisions. Overall, inMotion has a YouTube channel addressing the depth of every product and feature they offer. The most frequently asked queries on Word Press Hosting has a separate section enlisting up to 50 articles. 

The articles are prepared with tips and tricks. Various bits of advice on creating accounts, settings, setup instruction, and spam protection help you get through comfortably. The complete detailing of each and every article is great for amateurs with no technical knowledge. InMotion also gives 24/7/365 customer support over live chat so if the website isn’t useful enough you can call reach out to them.

InMotion Packages, Plans and Pricing

InMotion hosting has a wide variety of packages. Shared hosting, Word Press hosting, VPS hosting, and entire Dedicated Servers. The Shared Hosting plans have three packages to offer: Launch hosting plan, power hosting, and pro hosting package.

Launch Hosting Package

  • Free domain
  • Up to 2 websites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 10 email address
  • Free SSL

Description: the Launch Hosting Package starting at $6.99 monthly. It is exclusive for 1 year and 2-year terms. It renders a free domain and custom drag and drops layout within WordPress and easy to use control panel. All these with 24/7 customer support to sort out any of your queries.

Power Hosting Package

  • Free domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 4X Performance
  • Free SSL

Description: The most popular Power hosting plan starts at the cost of $9.99 monthly and prices increase up to $15.99 at renewal. It is limited to 1 and 2-year terms. It gives sufficient 100 GB SSD Storage.

Pro Hosting Package

  • Free domain
  • Free SSL 
  • 200 GB SSD Storage

Description: Pro hosting package is the only plan available on monthly basis. Starting at the cost of $19.99 monthly and the cost exceeds $27.99 at renewal. It has marketing tools to get your website performing. A distinguishing feature of the Pro Hosting plan is the 6X performance and speed 

Comparison of Shared Hosting Plans

Launch Starting at $5.99/monthlyPower  Starting at $8.99/monthlyPro Starting at $14.99/monthly
Primary Features

Websites Supported250100
Disk Space50 GB100 GB200 GB
Email Accounts1050Unlimited
Free SSSLYesYesYes
Pro Level SupportNoNoYes
Free Advertising Credits$150$150$150

VPS Hosting Plans

Virtual Private Server Hosting is an upgrade to the shared hosting plans. InMotion agrees to handle 10x more traffic with no downtime. It allows you to share resources with multiple servers. inMotion offers three packages for you to choose from. 


  • Starting at $75.99 monthly
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 3 Dedicated IP’s
  • Free SSLs
  • Control panel 
  • WHM 
  • TB Bandwidth


  • Starting at $75.99 monthly
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • Control panel
  • 4 Dedicated IP’s


  • Starting at 126.99 monthly8 GB RAM
  • 260 GB SSD Storage
  • 5 Dedicated IP’s
  • Control panel
  • WHW

WordPress Hosting Plans

The Word Press hosting packages are categorized into four basic types all unique in their way.

WP-1000S Starting at $6.99 monthlyWP-2000S Starting at 9.99 monthlyWP-3000S Starting at $12.99 monthlyWP-4000S Starting at $19.99 monthlyWP-VPS Starting at 29.99 monthly
Primary Features

Free DomainYesYesYesYesFor 6 and 12 month packages
Disk Space50 GB100 GB150 GB200 GBStarts at 75 GB
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated IP AddressNoNoNoYesStarting at 3
Free No-Downtime Website transferYesYesYesYesFree Launch Assist
Protection against malwareYesYesYesYesEasily recover with snapshot Roll Backs

Pros & Cons

90 day money back guaranteeNo phone verification
SSD Drive StorageNo monthly billing
Free SSL securityLow introductory discount
Free website transferNo windows servers
Excellent WordPress hosting
Uptime Reliability

InMotion Review Summary

InMotion is a secure web hosting company that has exceptional uptime, excellent customer support, and renders a wide array of features. The economical web hosting company has plans to meet your pocket sizes.

With a lot of features and has a numerous variety of packages in terms of its shared hosting plans. InMotion is essentially designed for newcomers and business owners looking for space to grow. The control panel has a user-friendly interface and the highly-trained customer support can help you out in a fraction of minutes.

InMotion is a striking decision if you are brand-new at blogging or desire to commence a business website. The diversity of hosting plans will empower your business to flourish without worrying about shifting to a new host. You can just easily refresh your plan according to your requirements.  But if you are still skeptical about subscribing to them, you can always experience them with their 90-day money-back guaranty plan. This is a surpassing choice allowing you to explore and if even then you are unsatisfied with the performance, you can always request a refund.