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James Kramer

InterServer is one of the most unknown web hosting providers out there, however, over the 20 years, they’ve been improving their status of reliability and performance on VPS, shared, and dedicated server hosting plans all of which offer great prices and performance. We’ve taken a look at all this in our InterServer review, including each plan, and even compared performance with some other popular hosts.

The company is known for its own datacenter in the heart of the US, meaning more control over the servers that they provide to you. InterServer’s expansion over the USA and important countries have meant it’s available server locations have vastly improved.

Performance and Load Time Stats

More often then not you’ll find that everyone is looking for the performance of each server host, while we test each host’s performance, load time, and uptime over a set period of time, usually between 2-4 weeks, we may monitor servers for a lot longer.

With a 99.97% uptime rating and a 223ms load time, you’ll find that InterServer’s 20-year infractsture has been developed to create a huge amount of performance. Load-balancing of their servers is the reason that InterServers servers are capable of creating such great performance.

Interserver performance review

As you can see, InterServer performs decently well, apart from Tokyo and the UK, while the UK loads in 1.042 seconds Tokyo loads in 3.6 seconds which isn’t great at all. You should be looking in sub 1 second, if not lower.

InterServer has provided excellent performance rates across their server network, as you can see with the results it’s easily one of the top-performing web hosts.

One Of The Best VPS Hosting Plans?

Anyone of has used InterServer’s VPS hosting packages, you’ll find how flexible this VPS hosting plan is. You can customize everything from the operating system, software, server capacity usage, and also the control panel.

Whereas some VPS hosting providers ensure clients pay for bundled apps and software, InterServer only ensures it’s clients pay for what they use and may need.

You can take a look at this table below, which shows the upgrade and the price of that upgrade:

VPS UpgradesExtra Cost for Upgrade
Additional IPExtra $3/mo/IP
FantasticoExtra $4/mo
cPanelExtra $15/mo
SoftculousExtra $2/mo
Direct AdminExtra $8/mo
KspliceExtra $3.95/mo

InterServer’s Pricing

This host has plenty of options when it comes to their plans. When reviewing InterServer we found that all of the options including shared hosting and all the other options offered by InterServer. The standard web hosting plans currently is $5.00/mo with free data transfers, unlimited storage as well as features like FTP Access.

If you’re looking for VPS hosting, InterServer has a variety of easily customizable plans with basic VPS plans to start at $6.00/mo with a single CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a favorable 30GB of SSD, all being very attractive for a $6.00/mo subscription.

The company also offers a ‘Pro Hosting’ option which is InterServer’s reseller plan and can be optioned at 2TB of disk space. And also includes unlimited cPanel for each and every account you register on your reseller plan. Pro Hosting with InterServer starts at $19.95 a month and increases as you option it.

More towards the dedicated server racks, you’ll find plans that start at $70/mo with 8GB of RAM and 250GB of disk space, which is decent for $70/mo. And, obviously, you can easily customize your plan with InterServer.

Ease of Use

Using InterServers panel is always easy if you’re choosing the right plan. Both shared and dedicated server hosting are quite different as one is for small sites and the other is for larger sites. The shared hosting plan allows you to easily set up, build, or move your site from one host to InterServers. Features that are included like InterServer’s 450 apps to help you with the above.

But looking at something like the VPS or dedicated hosting plans become more advanced in terms of IT knowledge, but these are highly customizable with plenty of features and settings to configure to ensure that your site is fully in a perfect state.

By going with dedicated or VPS hosting you’ll find that you need to deal with the management, set up and use, and obviously all the little bits and pieces you need to set up a website. More advanced website managers will be able to set up a site quite easily, beginners may find this a little harder.

Customer Support

Live chat is a big missing aspect of InterServer’s support channel. However, we saw that they have a great phone line, online ticket system, and email support line which always resolves the problem quickly and efficiently.

Unlike some other hosts, InterServer has 24/7 support which all have English-speaking operators on toll-free numbers with the agents being very professional and helpful across their mission to solve our problem. InterServers also has a knowledgebase/FAQ which highlights the most common problems, ensuring you that introverted.

Obviously, this hosting company provides top-notch support, however, not as good as some of the other hosts like HostGator or Siteground.

Best Features

InterServer definitely stands out due to its ease of use with over 600 different easily installable software like WordPress, Joomla or Magneto. InterServer also provides one of the top shared plans with a Cloudflare CDN, SSD storage, and even unlimited bandwidth. While also standard plans include free SSL certification.

This hosting company provides endless customizability and can easily create MySQL databases and change between PHP versions.

While also providing free website migration in case you’re currently with a different web host. And also, unlimited email accounts came with all standard plans.

And mentioning features that InterServer’s doesn’t have, one of which is remote backups. Unfortunately, you need to be responsible by using your local hosting drive, unfortunately, we don’t see automatic remote options on the control panel.

InterServers Competiton / Alternatives

HostGator is yet another highly rated web host offering dedicated and VPS plans alongside basic web hosting plans, HostGator is probably one of the most well known hosting companies to date, and in comparison to InterServers, it’s slightly cheaper yet has way more infrastructure. In our Host Gator review, we found the performance, load time, and other stats in comparison to some other smaller hosts.

A2 Hosting is one of the unknown hosts around today, A2’s servers are performed very well in terms of performance and uptime. They’ve also had a 99.99% over 5 weeks we tested.

BlueHost is more expensive than InterServers, it also includes a free domain one purchase which makes the two different. The biggest difference is BlueHost’s infrastructure compared to InterServers, while also BlueHost has plenty of support, like video guides and great expert forum support.

Round-Up: The InterServer Review

This hosting company’s plans range from beginner to more advanced plans like Dedicated or VPS, with a huge amount of customizability. We found in or InterServer review even the advanced plans have features to make the setup and management of the website very easy to use but InterServer’s prices aren’t the lowest in the hosting market it still makes a great host for all hosting types.

While uptime, performance, and all the stats are great, you can trust that your website will easily rank on search engines as well as be very useful for your users.

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