NameCheap Review

James Kramer

Nowadays, putting your website on the web has become quite an easy job. All you need to do is choose a suitable domain name, choose the best web hosting for you, and have your nice running website. You can even get an efficient website builder to design your website. All these separate things can be done through a single platform. We’ll be talking about one such platform in this article. 

Who Are NameCheap?

From first look, NameCheap appears to be a domain name provider, but there is a long list of what they offer to their customers. Namecheap was mainly introduced in 2000 and since then, it has benefitted an ocean of customers with its services and features. Currently, Namecheap deals with more than 3 million users with a large number of new customers adding to their domain every day.

Originating in Los Angeles, USA, Namecheap truly aims to provide the best products and services to its customers. For that, they offer a bunch of web services through a single platform. We’ll be looking at the things they provide below. We will also be doing an in-depth analysis of their services and a comparison with other competitors in the field. First, let’s have a look at our Namecheap review, from packages to how much they cost.

What Does Namecheap Provide?

From the name, Namecheap sounds like a domain name provider, but this is not one thing they are good at. Apart from domain names, Namecheap offers efficient hosting services as well. Their hosting choices contain shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting. Including this, they provide website builder services through WordPress. The user can design and create your website with ease. That’s not all of it. You can also get a bunch of products related to security. They offer products like SSL certificates, CDN, VPS, and many more. We’ll discuss each one of them in detail below. In short, Namecheap is a complete package for website users. 

Namecheap Features

Although, Namecheap offers a bunch of services to their users the main thing behind these services is the performance. All these services are not worth using is they fail to give the maximum output. For that, let’s have a look at the features, Namecheap offers and their comparison with other top competitors.


As mentioned above, it is important to maintain the quality of service when dealing with a large number of users at the same time. Hardware and technology play the most important role in this part. Hardware is one thing that cannot be compromised at any cost. Well, Namecheap knows well, how to impress their customers. Each service type is carefully given the best resources that lead to the best performance and rarely goes to the negative side. 

Safety and Protection

No matter which hosting company you link with, privacy and protection are two of the main things that cannot be compromised at any cost. Namecheap knows its importance and provides the best firewall and protection to their users. One of the most prominent ones of them is WhoisGuard which can hide a user’s name, identity, and other info from others. Also, Namecheap uses virus scanners and tools like Leech Protect to protect their servers from attacks. Including this, all server data is automatically backed up on regular basis to prevent any loss. That’s not all. They also provide SSL certificates, which are essential for website security. In short, Namecheap servers are the best when it comes to privacy and protection. 


Namecheap claims to provide the best performance to its users. For that, they use the fast and powerful cPanel control panel. Their data centers are distributed throughout the world that makes them provide lag-free network coverage with about 100% uptime. 

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential element to maintain not only for hosting companies but in generic terms as well. Namecheap provides customer assistance in many ways that include 24/7 live chat, emails, knowledge base, and online forums available for their customers to get any sort of help from and resolve their issues. However, there is one flaw. Despite many ways of customer assistance, Namecheap fails to offer to call support. 

Other Features

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are a lot of Namecheap offers. They offer free migration from other servers to their own by which a user can transfer his/her website from any other server to Namecheap. They offer a large marketplace for domain sales and purchases. Including this, they offer Softaculous installer that opens a door to countless new apps for the user. Also, you can use WordPress with Namecheap. And there is still more.  

NameCheap Review Services

Namecheap Services


The domain name is the first step in placing your website on the web. A good domain name puts a great impact on your website’s reputation. Namecheap offers a wide variety of options related to domain names to its users. You can get any domain you like for your website. All you need to do is come up with a catchy group of words, look for it at Namecheap and buy it for yourself. When it comes to domain names, Namecheap stands among some of the biggest domain providers. As we are discussing Namecheap’s domain service, let’s dig deep into it and analyze it. 

Namecheap offers domains of all kinds that include TLDs, and Personal Domains as well. For those, who don’t know about these, TLDs are mainly the domains that have the highest level in the hierarchal Domain Name System of the Internet. As for personal domains, you can also register a domain in your name. Namecheap offers both of these domain types at suitable rates and plans. Including this, you can also carry out bulk domain name search, by which you get a large scale to search for your desired domain. 

Namecheap also offers a domain transfer facility to its customers. In any case, the user wants to transfer his domain ownership to another person, he can do it in three simple steps. What if you need a customer for your domain? No problem, as Namecheap offers a separate marketplace in which you can place your domains for sale. You can also buy nice domains from the marketplace. 

With each domain, Namecheap offers a bunch of useful items as well. First, they offer DNS hosting with each of their domain. We’ll have a look at it in the hosting section. Secondly, Namecheap offers WhoisGuard for free that mainly provides security and is good for the website. 

To sum it up, Namecheap offers a wide variety of domains of many types. The special thing about Namecheap domains is that they are reliable in terms of security and safety. Mainly, you can have a look at any domain ownership details through the WHOIS directory. For users, who don’t want that, Namecheap offers what is called “Domain Privacy Protection” with which, most of the information will be hidden from outside.

Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting, there is a large number of hosting providers available with their services. With giants like HostGator, BlueHost, and many others out there in the market, small hosting providers can’t exist. Even then, Namecheap excels in hosting and is proficient enough to stand against its competitors. Talking about Namecheap’s hosting, like other top hosting providers, Namecheap also offers different types of hosting. Let’s have a look at them in detail. 

Shared Hosting

Namecheap offers shared hosting at affordable plans and packages. There is a bunch of perks of being a Namecheap shared hosting user. First, their services are the best and reliable. Secondly, they offer a bunch of features with their hosting. These things make their services worth using. Namecheap offers three plans for shared hosting with different features and specs. With each plan, the user gets unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name, a free website builder, SSL installation, privacy protection, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • cPanel

As mentioned earlier, the users also get to enjoy the powerful cPanel control panel that gives them total control over their website. Having cPanel opens a door to a large number of functionalities for the users. 

  • Domain-Based Email Address

The users also get to enjoy a free domain-based email address with shared hosting packages. This helps to give a professional look to their site. 

  • SSL Certificates

Another useful feature of Namecheap’s shared hosting is the SSL certificates. As you know, SSL certificates are necessary for website security. Namecheap offers free 50 SSL certificates with each of their shared hosting purchase. The certificates are automatically set up as well that saves the user from setting them up manually.  

Reseller Hosting

Heading to the next one, Namecheap also offers reseller hosting packages and plans at affordable rates. There are mainly three pricing plans offered by Namecheap. With each plan, the user gets unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel or WordPress, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • Web Host Manager

The special thing about Namecheap’s reseller hosting is the features they provide with it. The most useful of them is WHM. With the Web Host Manager, you can modify your clients’ hosting accounts. WHM is a useful program offered with reseller hosting that gives the user admin access to the back end of cPanel. So, when a new account is created for a client, it’s kept separate, allowing you to individually manage as you see fit.

  • Hardware Technology

Reseller hosting generally has a greater number of users as compared to other hosting types, therefore, it needs to be strong to hold them. Namecheap offers the fastest hardware technology that leads to excellent server performance. They use the fast Juniper/Cisco network with special grade hardware including Dell PowerEdge with 56 core Xeon CPUs, 256 GB+ RAM, and RAID 6 Pure SSD.

  • Account Management Tools

That’s not an end to the features offered with Namecheap’s reseller hosting. The user also gets a free account management tool with each reseller hosting purchase. The tool offers several useful functionalities like setting up client invoices, billing, marketing, and many more.  

VPS Hosting

Namecheap is a great option for VPS hosting users as it offers suitable VPS hosting packages at highly affordable rates. Namecheap offers two packages with different specs. Both packages offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, free website transfer, server management, complete root access, and many more. Following are some detailed features of Namecheap’s VPS hosting.

  • Customizable Control Panel

Namecheap offers two different types of control panels to their VPS hosting customers the users can choose between cPanel and InterWorx for the control panel. Both the control panels are good in their way and are very useful for the users. 

  • Security

Security is a major concern no matter which hosting you are using. Namecheap offers the best tools and technology to keep your virtual servers secure from any outside interference. They also provide automatic server backups after a specific time interval.

  • Customization

One special thing about Namecheap’s VPS hosting is its customization. You can manually change the level of control over your server depending on your knowledge and expertise. 

Dedicated Server Hosting

Again, Namecheap is a great choice for customers, who are looking for good dedicated servers. Dedicated hosting customers can get the best services at Namecheap with a large variety of free features as well. Namecheap offers three different packages to its customers depending on the type of server and its specs. The user can choose from the three packages depending on the server choice.

Namecheap offers three different plans for dedicated server hosting. The first one, using Xeon E3-1230 v6, offers 8 GB DDR4 RAM with 500 GB HDD and 4 Cores @ 3.5 GHz at $45.88 per month. The second one, using Xeon E-2236, offers 32 GB DDR4 RAM with 2 x 480 GB SSD and 6 Cores @ 3.4 GHz at $78.88 per month. The third one, named Dual AMD EPYC 7282, offers 128 GB DDR4 RAM with 4 x 1.92 TB NVMe and Dual 16 Cores @ 2.8 GHz at $255.88 per month.

Now, let’s head to its features. 

  • Server Level Choice

This is one of the most useful features offered with dedicated server hosting. The users can choose among the three server choices depending on the traffic on their server. The user can choose either entry-level that is perfect for high traffic, medium level that is best for database and a variety of applications, or advanced level that is best for multi-user apps and extensive databases. This makes it easy and clear for users to choose the right server for themselves. 

  • Reliable Datacenters

Another great feature of Namecheap’s dedicated server hosting is its reliable datacenters. Namecheap’s dedicated servers are hosted in the renowned PhoenixNAP datacenter, located in the US. These data centers also provide features like enterprise-level processors, ECC memory, and the highest of standards.

  • Free Server Migration

This is another one of the useful features. With a free migration tool, you can easily transfer your existing server to Namecheap in no time. This feature is free and takes the least of time to complete. This is a unique feature and is not offered by other hosting providers. 

  • Server Management Option

Namecheap also offers server management option to its users. You can manage your server in any way you want. Mainly, there are three options given. The “User-Responsible” gives complete authority to the user. The “Basic” works in an intermediate way dividing the duties between Namecheap and user. The “Complete” option gives total server management to Namecheap and makes them completely responsible. 

  • Optimized Network

Namecheap’s dedicated servers are equipped with special grade hardware that makes them carry any traffic load with ease. Their dedicated servers operate on a separate Juniper/Cisco-powered network that’s connected to Level3, Highwinds, HE, Cogent, and Integra and are always ready to handle any incoming traffic. 

DNS Hosting

As mentioned above, DNS hosting is mainly offered by Namecheap with each domain purchase. This is mainly offered to the users who don’t have any hosting after domain purchase. There are two types of DNS hosting from which the user can choose. 

  • Free DNS

Just as the name indicates, free DNS is offered free of cost with each domain purchase. Namecheap mainly wants the users to try its hosting services, that why free DNS acts as a trial based item from them. 

  • Premium DNS

Premium DNS comes with many extra features as compared to the free one. The free DNS is mainly just a smaller version of Premium DNS. Premium DNS offers are many features to users. Let’s have a look at them:

The Premium DNS makes your website active and running all time with the best performance and security. It is also very easy to manage and works with any domain. 

WordPress Hosting

Here are another one of Namecheap’s services. They offer WordPress hosting plans by the name of EasyWP at cheap affordable rates. Coming to the advantages, the first and the biggest one is getting access to WordPress. With EasyWP, users can come up with colorful themed page designs in minutes. As designing is not an issue here, EasyWP offers a bunch of features as well. 

  • Speed

Namecheap claims to give three-time faster speed to their EasyWP users as compared to the simple WordPress platform. This is a great option for users and also makes them happy. 

  • Plugins

Wherever there is WordPress, there are tons of other useful features. The most useful one of them is plugins. Namecheap offers a bunch of plugins to their EasyWP users. Plugins help to expand website functionality and are useful in many ways. 

Other Services

As mentioned earlier, Namecheap keeps its users happy with a bunch of useful services and features. Apart from domains and hosting, they also offer a bunch of security features that include SSL certificates, ID validation, CDN, VPN, WhoisGuard, and many more. 

Pricing and Plans

Namecheap offers the most affordable pricing plans for all their services. Their rates are comparatively lower as compared to their competitors. Let’s have a look at their offer.

Shared Hosting Plans

Namecheap mainly offers three different plans for shared hosting. The first one, named Steller, offers 20 GB SSD with 3 websites and a domain name at $1.58 per month. The second one, named Steller Plus, offers unmetered SSD with unlimited websites, auto backup, and a domain name at $2.18 per month. The third one, named Steller Business offers 50 GB SSD with unlimited websites, auto backup, cloud storage, and domain name at $4.80 per month. Additional benefits include unmetered bandwidth, free website builder, domain name, privacy protection, free automatic SSL installation, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. For details, you can visit the official page by clicking on this link.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Namecheap offers three different plans for reseller hosting as well. The first one, named Nebula, offers 30 GB SSD with 25 cPanel accounts at $18.88 per month. The second one, named Galaxy Expert, offers 90 GB SSD with 100 cPanel accounts at $32.88 per month. The third one, named Universe Pro offers 150 GB SSD with 200 cPanel accounts and WHMCS Starter at $48.88 per month. Additional benefits include unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel/WHM, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

VPS Hosting Plans

Namecheap offers two different plans for VPS hosting service. The first one, named Pulsar, offers 30 GB SSD Raid 10 with 2 GB RAM, 2 Cores, and 1000 GB Bandwidth at $9.88 per month. The second one, named Quasar, offers 120 GB SSD Raid 10 with 6 GB RAM, 4 Cores, and 3000 GB Bandwidth at $15.88 per month. Additional benefits include full root access, OS selection, choice of server management, free transfer, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Namecheap offers three different plans for WordPress hosting. The first one, named EasyWP Starter, offers 10 GB SSD Storage with 50k visitors per month at $3.88 per month. The second one, named EasyWP Turbo, offers 50 GB SSD Storage with 1.5 x more CPU and RAM and 200k visitors per month at $7.88 per month. The third one, named EasyWP Supersonic, offers 100 GB SSD Storage with 2 x more CPU and RAM, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, and 500k visitors per month at $11.88 per month.

Customer Reviews

As discussed earlier, no matter which system you run or visit, its true reputation can only be judged by the experience and opinions of its users. Namecheap also offers its users to freely comment on their experiences and reviews. User reviews show that Namecheap has been maintaining its reputation quite well. 

Flaws in Namecheap

Based on customer reviews and experiences, it has been seen some things put Namecheap at a slight disadvantage. Firstly, it is an SSL certificate. It is almost compulsory for every user to buy an SSL certificate with a domain name. But the certificate setup is not an easy task for a general user and it troubles the customers most of the time. Secondly, customer support needs to add a calling service as well. Customers cannot go for emails and live text chat every time. 

Verdict: Is NameCheap Good?

Overall, Namecheap is one of the best choices for most types of web hosting. One special thing about it is that you can get more than one service by staying at a single platform. It has all the features of the best hosting provider. It also offers the best domain names for you with all the best features. Its customer support is good. The users enjoy superb network coverage, resulting in great performance and uptime, 99.9% server uptime, powerful hardware, a user-friendly control panel, and a lag-free experience. 

Their pricing is quite commendable. Namecheap’s rates are the most affordable and cheapest ones on the market. Also, Namecheap offers many pricing plans from which the customers can choose.

Another special thing about Namecheap is the features. They just offer a load full of features with each of their services. With the purchase of a single service, you get a bundle of useful features. This gives Namecheap, a big advantage over other leading companies in the field. 

Although there are some flaws with Namecheap, there is a large number of positive points as well that dissolved the negative points. Namecheap is certainly a complete package of services and it is improving with each passing day. If it tries and removes the flaws, then it will be giving a tough time to its competitors.