Wix VS BlueHost


Both of these web hosting services are very high level while also bringing great features to the table, and we’ll be looking at Wix vs BlueHost. Today we’ll be taking a look at the great features they both offer and the differences and similarities and also which one has won.

Wix has been a long-standing website builder and has become very popular due to this and its free plans, whereas BlueHost has been one of the biggest web hosting providers since its inception. BlueHost is owned by one of the biggest web hosting groups ‘EIG’ and its shared hosting options are great.

What’s The Same with Wix and BlueHost?

Wix and BlueHost both have 24/7 support and an uptime guarantee. Both of these features are great for those that don’t have a huge amount of experience in the web hosting world and those who want to have good uptime resulting in benefits to SEO and good user experience.

List of Major Differences Between Wix and BlueHost

  • Wix originally started as a website builder and expanded into web hosting services.
  • Usually, web hosting companies have better long-term pricing, Wix doesn’t really offer any good long term pricing. However, BlueHost does.
  • Wix now offers a free plan with a decent amount of storage and bandwidth to set up an easy site.
  • Wix comes with an array of features, however, features that you may need that isn’t with Wix isn’t easy to do so.
  • BlueHost has more features and offers better ones.
  • BlueHost doesn’t offer any month-to-month plans, but you’ll save money with long term purchases.
  • Addons may be required with BlueHost if you need more than the standards.
  • Wix offers a 14 days free trial, whereas BlueHost offers 30-day money-back guarantees

BlueHost Plans vs Wix Plans

Wix Hosting currently has 6 plans, from Free to their ‘VIP’ plan. BlueHost offers some fairly standard hosting plans, which are short and concise. BlueHost offers Shared, VPS, Dedicated and WordPress as their hosting plans which are very easy to understand and easy to upgrade each one.

Wix vs BlueHost Prices

The priced plans from Wix start at $5/m and BlueHost’s from just $3.95/mo which both are fairly cheap in terms of web hosting. However, BlueHost’s dedicated plans are far more expensive but offer better performance with their SEO tools and excellent.

Conclusin & Recommendations

In a conclusion, we’ve found that BlueHost is clearly the better web host with more experienced web developers and designers. BlueHost also offers better performance in terms of uptime and load times offered by BlueHost, Wix offers fairly standard uptime and load but nowhere near BlueHost’s. Taking a look at features, BlueHost also wins this aspect as they have far fewer limitations on add-ons and features. And with current exclusive offers from our website, you can grab BlueHost at a more than affordable cost.