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Alyx Cherry

WPEngine is one of the most popular web hosting services for the world-famous content management system, WordPress. As WordPress is the backbone of the internet, covering over 1/3rd of the internet, it’s important it faces our review. We found that it boasts great performance and uptime, however, lacks proper caching.

Established in 2010, WP Engine, became popular for those wanting simply managed WordPress hosting, Now more than 80,000 people and 500,000 websites are enjoying its services.

WPEngine WordPress Hosting
Starting at $25/mo

We found in our WPEngine review, that it is one of the most popular web hosting services for managed WordPress hosting, however, it lacks by supporting Varnish caching.

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What Does WP Engine Offer?

  • Unlimited STFP accounts along with SSH access
  • 24/7 chat support 
  • Free 60 day cancellation
  • Global CDN and built-in caching system (Outdated Varnish, unfortunately)
  • Free WordPress themes from Studio Press
  • Automatic and manual backups

This feature-packed hosting service has tons of features suitable for enhancing your business with high-quality uptime, daily backups, security, WordPress optimised hosting plans, cloud platform flexibility, and threat detection.

WP Engine is worth it if you are looking to secure and fast load your website. To protect the website against hacking and malware, a free secure socket layer SSL certificate is provided to ensure security, enabling an easy and quick migration from an old host to a new host. In choosing the right web host for you, features and customer support are not enough. The performance of the platform gives it is optimum value. WP Engine provides many performance-enhancing features that facilitate stability. A free CDN, content delivery network, is offered. Another exciting feature is an add-on known as GeoTarget that optimises your website for a specific region. For your website’s maintenance, you can select Amazon Web Services,  a Google cloud platform enabling no downtime and ensuring security. 

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Email & E-commerce Marketing

WP Engine web hosting is generally known for its WordPress hosting as well as useful plugins from WooCommerce and Shopify. Email marketing tools such as Drip, DirectIQ, Mailflor, etc offer WordPress plugins letting you leverage your customers’ email addresses to make money.

WP Engine’s Backups 

One of the most prominent features of WP Engine’s web hosting is that it gives you a choice of options for backing up your website. The first is an automatic backup for websites before and after restoring and copying them, providing approximately 40 automatic backups monthly. You can also access the last 60 backups by contacting the support team. From your user portal, you can make manual backups checkpoints. It is also possible to download backups manually as a ZIP file.

Security on WP Engine

WP Engine’s web hosting includes a Secure Socket Layer ensuring security. So if you are looking to sell products on your website, a secure socket layer is a must. While many web hosting companies charge for this WP Engine provides a free of cost SSL certificate with every hosting package. Additionally, WP Engine runs malware scans every day to shield against hacking with a daily updated firewall to block the latest threats. Moreover, it offers real-time threat detection, free hacking remediation, and enterprise-grade firewalls. 

Uptime and Reliability 

Uptime is the most vital aspect to consider when choosing the right web hosting service. According to recent research, if a website takes longer than two seconds to load, it is almost certain that the visitor will close it. In a mesh of websites and completion, it is most likely that they might not come back. In an uptime test conducted, WP Engine performed incredibly granting a 100% uptime. 

Have a look at the uptime history of the past few months.

September 2020100%
August 2020100%
July 2020100%
June 2020100%
May 202099.99%
April 2020100%
March 2020100%
February 2020100%
January 2020100%
December 2019100%
November 2019100%
October 2019100%
September 201999.99%

Improved performance and fast speed are WP Engine’s biggest selling points. The EverCache technology removes the hassle of dealing with caching plugins and automatically takes care of the backend object, page, and database caching. 

However, WP Engine uses an outdated caching system called ‘Varnish’ which is highly outdated compared to NGinX and FastCGi type caches. 

Using WordPress on WP Engine

StudioPress themes:You can choose a free WordPress theme that’s usually worth $150.
Genesis frameworkThis code enables the studio press themes to be more enhanced.
SecurityYou get an SSL certificate with every plan

WP Engine and Experienced Users

The WP Engine is mainly designed for experienced users. Newcomers will need experience to get started with the onboarding process, but if you are a beginner, you can always check the knowledge base to help you get started.

The WP Engine interface is user-friendly, the dashboard has all the options to enable everything to be completed efficiently. It also has a pre-existing WordPress website to its servers with its migration plugins. The advanced features removes the hassles associated with managing your website.

Customer Support with WP Engine

The leading web hosting company, WP Engine offers support via live chat, email, and phone. To check the customer support WP Engine guarantees to provide, I tested them via live chat. In less than a minute, a responsive and helpful agent was available, who had vast knowledge of the platform and seemed to answer all my queries without any delay. WP Engine also provides a resource centre that has helpful guides and a knowledge base comprising articles from getting started to more complex features. The knowledge base has comprehensive tutorials and articles. 

Misleading or Good Performance?

To test the performance speed, I ran a quick load impact test. In this, I used load impact to simulate multiple users on my WP Engine website. The results were impressive.

  • Minimum Response Test (Ashburn, USA):
  • 1.51 seconds
  • Maximum Response Test (Ann Arbor, USA):
  • 1.59 seconds

The following demonstrates the number of visitors and the page loading time. We can see an increase in the blue line that shows as the number of visitors increases, the test sites page load times remained stable and consistent(green line). So this means that either the first or the 30th visitor would both receive the same quality with website load time. 

WP Engine Review Rating Categories

EASE OF USE4/5The user portal is well designed with a clear left panel navigation.
DOMAIN NAMES1/5A drawback of WP Engine web hosting is that it doesn’t give you a free domain name or an option to purchase domain names.
EMAIL RATING1/5It is not possible to create an email with WP Engine.
DATABASES3/5A 50 MB limit when importing a database,
APPLICATIONS1/5WP Engine doesn’t allow you to host any other CMS.
WEBSPACE4/5The start-up plan has a 10 GB of storage. The growth plan comes up with 20 GB storage while the scale tier offers 50 GB.
MONTHLY DATA TRANSFER LIMIT3/525,000 monthly visit limit in start-up plan; 1000,000 in growth package; 400,000 for the scale plan
CDN5/5With the CDN, content delivery is possible for up to 45 locations worldwide.
Refunds and Guarantees5/5WP Engine promises to offer the best hosting service. If you aren’t satisfied by their performance you can always ask for a refund within 60 days of use
Server-side Caching2/5WP Engine’s servers are equipped with a Varnish type caching which is highly outdated and doesn’t provide performance anywhere near NGinX or FastCGI
OVERALL RATING3.7With outstanding uptime, speed, and great backup, WP Engine web hosting is a safe choice for growing business websites.

WPEngine Costs & Plans

Unlike other web hosting companies, WP Engine offers only one type of service,  Managed WordPress Hosting. 

Start-Up Package:

  • One site included
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 GB storage

Description: The starter plan provides all the basics to start a small website or a blog. Starting at a cost of $30 / month it offers capacity for up to 25,000 visitors monthly, 10 GB storage, and access to a global CDN, content delivery network. The CDN minimises delays in loading web page content and allows a quick transfer of assets needed for loading the content. 

Growth Package:

  • 10 websites included
  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • 20 GB storage

Description: This plan is ideal if you are looking to grow your business. Starting at a cost of $115 /month it offers 24/7 customer support and secure socket layer certificates. In addition, this plan provides 10 websites and increases your traffic support up to 100,000. 

Scale plan:

  • 30 websites
  • 500 GB bandwidth
  • 50 GB storage

Description: This package has a higher capacity. It is feature-rich starting at a cost of $290 .month and supports up to 400,000 visits per month.

WP Engine: Recap of Features

VISITS PER MONTH25,000100,000400,000
SUPPORT24/7 chat24/7 chat and telephone support24/7 chat and telephone support
STFP ACCOUNTUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
PRICE$25 per month$96 per month$272 per month

By looking at the packages and the plans, we can say that WP Engine isn’t a cheap option but the packages provide plenty of features, enabling scope for  your website to improve. The feature-rich packages include staging environments so you can test your website changes in a non-public environment and a content delivery network for faster loading time. The WP Engine owns substantial software for the storage of large amounts of data. The start-up, growth, and scale plan are feature-rich, yet suitable to develop your business. Additionally, WP Engine web hosting offers a custom plan that is suitable for mission-critical web sites. This package offers high-performance customer support which is ideal for a larger businesses. All these plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, enabling you to explore the features included and ask for a full refund should they not fulfill your requirements.  

Pros and Cons of WP Engine

Uptime reliabilityLack of domains
Excellent customer supportNo shared hosting packages
Daily backupsLimited phone support for its start-up plan
Useful staging areaNot budget-friendly
20 different locations to host your websitesOnly hosts WordPress
Impressive performanceVisitor limit

No email support
Real-time threat detection
60-day money-back guaranty

Alternatives to WP Engine

In a cluster of web hosting companies, WP Engine has a few shortcomings which hold it back and give competitors a chance to shine. 

The first competitor is SiteGround, an exceptional WordPress specific provider that is feature-rich and unique.

Another notable alliterative to WP Engine is DreamHost, which also has various managed WordPress plans as well as great performance and uses better server-side caching for better performance.

Another competitor is Linux based A2 Hosting. This offers four excellent WordPress hosting packages with unlimited storage and monthly data transfer.

If you’re looking for managed WordPress hosting services, Cloudways is a top one for this. It provides highly managed cloud hosting for WordPress and other content management systems.

Customer Reviews of WP Engine

WP Engine hosting servers are great, but the support is just not up to the mark. It takes too long. Simple basic features like SSL certificate takes a while and there is no ticketing system. Not ideal.

WP Engine is great. I have used a few hosting services before and all of them were too much hassle to deal with. 

As a developer I cannot recommend WP Engine web hosting highly enough. It is simply amazing. Every time I reach out to the customer support they answer all my queries in a friendly way. They are highly professional and excellent. I cannot recommend them enough. 

WP Engine is awesome. It has amazing features like daily backups, free SSL certificates, best restore points and the list goes on. They are worth the money. I highly recommend them. 

WP Engine web hosting is phenomenal. We have been using it for some time now and it has never failed us. The customer support team is very friendly. They treat you like their family.

WP Engine is exceptional. Any hosting service needs to have four features: security, scalability, speed and service. WP Engine excels in all four of them. I cannot stop raving about them. On a scale of one to ten, I give then 11. Highly recommend them. 

I switched to WP Engine recently and this has to be my best move. The customer support is amazing. Uptime and performance is just brilliant.

I feel creating a ticket is easier for me than waiting in a queue in live chat. This issue needs to be solved as it has been happening a lot lately. 

WP Engine is amazing. The customer support is supportive and has knowledge. The WP Engine is user friendly and I have been using them for the past five years.

WP Engine web hosting is the best hosting service I have used to date. The uptime is great and the functionality gives site developers an opportunity to innovate. The customer support team is friendly and great. It is an amazing platform.

I like WP Engine hosting as their customer support team is great. I rarely get a chance to wait in the long queues in live chats. The support team goes the extra mile to help you resolve issues and does everything possible thing to satisfy you. When we had some speed issues in our servers we reached out to them and they were extremely courteous. They seem to value their customers a lot. 

WP Engine hosting is the best web hosting service I have tried. It has been a challenging journey for me to choose the right web hosting and finally I have found it.  The customer support team is always helpful and professional. I run multiple sites and managing them altogether has never been this easy and feasible. 

I am happy to use WP Engine web hosting.  It has always given me perfect customer support and ensured excellent up time.

Excellent service. WP Engine has allowed our company to have full control over our websites. The customer support team is great and professional. They are friendly and go above and beyond to help you solve issues.

WP Engine has been the best web hosting service I have used so far. It is expensive but worth every penny. The support team is great and is available any time you get stuck. The WordPress specific security is the best feature they provide. I use their custom plan to work with a municipal government. 

I have been using WP Engine for some years and I heard they were the best host for business WordPress sites. I tried them and had no problems, but now my website has been going down for a hours at a time. The pricing is higher than usual web hosting providers. There is nothing special and reliable about WP Engine. Its uptime isn’t very stable. I am looking to switch my site to another web hosting company.

WPEngine Review Verdict: Is WP Engine Good?

WP Engine web hosting is expensive but it offers cutting-edge features that make it prominent in the market. So if you can stretch your budget slightly, the investment is worth the price with its fast loading, rapid content delivery, security features, and above all, strategic account management. All this is offered with an uptime guarantee. Surely, WP Engine web hosting is a treasured hosting platform. 

WPEngine FAQs

How do I cancel my WP Engine account?

From your user portal, select my account and then select cancel account. Your cancellation will be completed within 24 hours. 

Do I need to buy WP Engine for WordPress?

Not necessary, there are other options available but WP Engine is a great choice for Word Press websites.

Does WP Engine have a control panel?

No, it doesn’t. The WP Engine doesn’t have a traditional control panel but instead has its custom control panel called the WP Engine user portal. This is designed in a more user-friendly way.

What happens if I go over my monthly limit?

If your website exceeds the visitor limits, you will need to pay about $1/$2 extra per 1000 visits. If you are going over the limit frequently, you will need to upgrade to the next plan.

How does WP Engine web hosting calculate user visits?

It adds one visit whenever a different IP address is logged. This is calculated daily. Visits such as those linked to social media posts are not counted. 

What makes WP Engine Better?

WP Engine is a web hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting plans. WordPress is a content management system that lets you build your web site without any prior coding knowledge. This removes the hassle of coding and reduces human errors. The hosting plans WP Engine provides are managed, which means it takes care of updates and alerts.

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